Portland Timbers' Asprilla Scores the Goal of the Year

With an unbelievable bicycle kick, the Colombian buried the San Jose Earthquakes and set the internet on fire.

By Fiona McCann October 28, 2021

Dairon Asprilla's glorious moment. 

 It’s finally happened. For anyone in Providence Park last night who had been hoping for decades to catch a live bicycle kick—you know, the one made famous by Brazilian soccer legend Pelé that even became a movie plot point in 1981’s Escape to Victory—on a pitch, any pitch, they got their wish. And it was glorious.  

Last night, Portland Timbers’ Dairon Asprilla scored a goal in the 55th minute of the game against the San Jose Earthquakes that has already gone internet bonkers.  

Asprilla, who hails from Colombia and was signed by the Timbers in 2014, took advantage of a goalie fumble from the Earthquakes' JT Marcinkowski with an aerial kick that rocketed the ball into the net.  

The Timbers Army went stratospheric, not just because the killer score cemented a lead that the Earthquakes never managed to claw back in a game that ended in 2–0. But also because WHAT. A. GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL. 

Lovers of the beautiful game from all over shared their jubilation, including some high-profile fans. 

Asprilla told press after the game that he had been thinking of his late father when he scored. Wearing a shirt with his father's image on it, he called his father a superhero, reading the words under the picture which translate to: "Only you know how phenomenal and incredible it was to have been your son. I love you Papa."

ESPN gave a seal of approval when it granted Asprilla's moment of glory the no. 1 slot in the network's top 10 plays of the day. 

Goal of the year? That's a resounding yes from Stumptown. Golazo, Asprilla. We salute you. 

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