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How Much Does It Cost to Die in Oregon

Funerals, cremation, caskets, obituaries—dying isn't cheap.

By Cami Hughes January 5, 2022

A line of gravestones with a dollar sign on each one where the names and dates would normally be

In an average year in the US, there are more than 2.4 million funerals. A typical funeral can cost around $8,000, making death a multibillion-dollar industry. Things may be a little different with the pandemic, with more deaths but fewer and smaller ceremonies, but many costs don’t change much from year to year. From caskets and cemetery plots to green eco-burial options to obituaries and more, here are some of the rough costs the bereaved can expect to encounter.

$4,141 Average cost of a burial plot in Oregon

$2,500 Base cost for a 20-by-20-foot green burial plot at White Eagle Memorial Preserve, near Goldendale

$9,135 traditional underground burial and service in US

$199 Cost of an alder wood urn with an engraved photo from Urns Northwest

$995 Cost of “simple cremation” package from Gresham-based Care Cremation Service

$5,100 Average cost of cremation with a memorial service in Oregon

$4,500–7,500 Cost to be placed in a community mausoleum

$9,000 Maximum amount, per funeral, that can be reimbursed for certain services under FEMA’s COVID-19 Funeral Assistance program

$229 Minimum price for an obituary in the Oregonian (30 words and a photo, or 120 words and no photo)

$1,700+ Potential cost for an 800-word obit with a photo

$0 Usual cost to donate your body to science

$750 Standard cost of embalming, which can be skipped in a green burial and some cremations

$25 Fee to order an Oregon death certificate by mail (a phone or online order is nearly double the cost)

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