LISTEN: Behind the "Wall of Moms," with Jagger Blaec

Host Gabriel Granillo chats with Jagger Blaec about the rise and fall of the Wall of Moms.

Edited by Gabriel Granillo August 14, 2020

There’s been a handful of moments and images that have emerged from the Portland Protests that have resonated with people, but perhaps none more deeply than the image of hundreds of Portland moms decked in yellow t-shirts, linked arm in arm, standing between federal officers and Black Lives Matter protesters. I’m talking, of course, about the Wall of Moms. The brainchild of Beverly Barnum, who started the group on July 17 after OPB reported federal officers were snatching protesters off the streets in Portland, the Wall of Moms would go on to gain thousands of followers and inspire new chapters in cities across the country and the world. But, just a month later, amid accusations of anti-Blackness, the Wall of Moms would come crashing down

Today on the show, The Complicated Rise and Swift Fall of the Wall of Moms, with Jagger Blaec. Jagger is a freelance writer based in Portland who recently covered the Wall of Moms for an article in Portland Monthly. 


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