LISTEN: How Drive-In Theaters and Cinemas Are Adapting to the Coronavirus, with Conner Reed

Portland Monthly arts editor Conner Reed talks about how drive-in theaters have reemerged in the age of coronavirus.

Edited by Gabriel Granillo September 4, 2020

To be absolutely unoriginal and uninspired: the coronavirus has changed the world. But one thing that hasn't quite changed in the way that everything else has are drive-in theaters. 

Sure, in some ways, they have. Think, hygiene practices and proper physical distancing etiquette, the things that every business must now consider. But the essence of drive-in theaters hasn't really changed at all, and in some ways, going to the drive-in connects to the not-so-distant past, a kind of individualism, a freedom offered by four wheels and an FM radio. 

Today on Footnotes, Portland Monthly arts editor Conner Reed talks about how drive-in theaters and cinemas are adapting to the coronavirus. 


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