Summer Skiing at Timberline

A warm-weather trip to Mount Hood's slopes combines mountain-town charm, skiing folklore, and environmental questions.

07/07/2014 By Caleb Diehl


The Great Tsunami of 1964

The 50th Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest takes place on June 21, commemorating one of Oregon's worst natural disasters.

06/16/2014 By Caleb Diehl


Did Flint, Michigan Steal our Airport Carpet?

Analysis of the two airport carpets reveals startling similarities.

06/13/2014 By Caleb Diehl


Cycle Wild Wants You to Camp By Bike

A backpacker might make it 24 miles in one trip. But a cyclist can ride up to 72 miles in the same time.

06/05/2014 By Caleb Diehl


Summer Bouldering to Rock Your World

Moderate temps and dry surfaces from June to October open up one of Oregon’s fastest growing sports to the outdoors.

06/03/2014 By Caleb Diehl


The Birth of Crater Lake

As Crater Lake National Park turns 112, we explore the devastating volcanic eruption that formed it 7,700 years ago.

05/30/2014 By Caleb Diehl


Portland Crowned King of Bike Commuting

A new report by the US Census Bureau shows that more Portlanders bike to work than residents of any major US city.

05/29/2014 By Caleb Diehl


19th Century Vineyard Comes Back to Life

In 1876, an Oregon pioneer planted one of the state's earliest vineyards. Today, his family is reviving the vineyard once again on the same land.

05/22/2014 By Caleb Diehl