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19 Great Swimming Holes within 3 Hours of Portland

Drive to Hagg Lake, the Wilson River, Rooster Rock State Park, and more swimming holes near Portland, Oregon.

06/29/2022 By Benjamin Tepler, Rachel Ritchie, Margaret Seiler, Caleb Diehl, and Kasey Cordell


Portland to Seattle in 17 Minutes? The Hyperloop Could Make It Happen.

It just means shooting through a pneumatic tube at 760 miles per hour.

05/15/2017 By Caleb Diehl


Your Ultimate Guide to Northwest Swimming Holes

From hidden gems to trusty stalwarts, here’s where to cool down when the mercury soars. Plus: your essential river rat gear guide and some etiquette suggesti...

07/12/2016 Edited by Benjamin Tepler By Margaret Seiler, Rachel Ritchie, and Caleb Diehl


Your Ultimate Guide to Northwest Swimming Holes

From hidden gems to trusty stalwarts, here’s where to cool down when the mercury soars. Plus: your essential river rat gear guide and some etiquette suggestions (if we may).

07/12/2016 By Benjamin Tepler, Margaret Seiler, Rachel Ritchie, and Caleb Diehl

Take the Plunge

9 Incredible Northwest Swimming Holes

Breath-stealing waterfalls. Secluded lakes. Rollicking rivers. The Northwest’s greatest summer destinations hide off the beaten path—and within three hours of Portland.

07/12/2016 Edited by Benjamin Tepler By Rachel Ritchie, Margaret Seiler, and Caleb Diehl


The Portland Newspaper Wars of the 1960s

At the dawn of modern media, a ruthless tycoon and a ragtag band of reporters waged a desperate battle for control of Portland’s news.

11/23/2015 By Caleb Diehl


The Epic Political Backstory Behind the (In)famous Portland Building

The clashing visions behind downtown’s most controversial building

03/12/2015 By Caleb Diehl


The Historian Behind Many of Oregon's Place Names

Point to anything on our state's map. There’s a good chance Chet Orloff helped name it.

01/05/2015 By Caleb Diehl


A Guide to Northwest Winter Wandering

Plan a perfect day on Mount Hood, layer up for winter biking, or get outta town for a warm-weather escape!

12/01/2014 By Brian Barker, Zach Dundas, Rachel Ritchie, Benjamin Tepler, Michael Zusman, and Caleb Diehl


Caring for the Planet: Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership

Restoring the Columbia River’s vital ecosystems

10/23/2014 Photography by Caleb Diehl


The A to Z Food Lover's Guide to Oregon

This alphabetic sampler of the state's best things to eat and drink will sharpen your appetite (and appreciation) for the fertile place we call home.

09/02/2014 Edited by Zach Dundas and Benjamin Tepler By Rachel Ritchie, Allison Jones, Kelly Clarke, Marty Patail, Maya Seaman, Nicole Cordier, Caleb Diehl, and Sarah Richards


Find Out What All the Junk in Portland Is Worth

What is your grandma's china worth? Why did Portland tear down a beautiful streetcar system to build highways? Explore these questions with appraisers at the Oregon Historical Society.

08/20/2014 By Caleb Diehl


The Dew Tour Shreds through Portland

This weekend, watch some of the world’s best skaters and BMX riders cruise down Broadway—for free—with tricks that will blow your mind.

08/12/2014 By Caleb Diehl


The Mind Behind the Woodstock Mystery Hole and the Universal Church O’Fun

Every August, devotees of Barron Mind’s mystery hole gather in SE Portland to catch meteors and learn how to be fun. Consider this our dispatch of nonsense.

08/11/2014 By Caleb Diehl


Portland's Coolest New Iced Coffees

Inside local coffee shops’ battle to claim the title of most innovative cold brew.

08/01/2014 By Caleb Diehl


10 Adrenaline-Packed Summer Days

Looking for a healthy dose of adventure? Gather your friends, pack up your gear, and make it count.

08/01/2014 By Zach Dundas, Aaron Scott, Marty Patail, and Caleb Diehl Edited by Rachel Ritchie


Gordon Ramsay Fixes Up a Southern Oregon "Hippie" Hotel

On Monday August 4, the frequently-irate Gordon Ramsay shows his sensitive side at a hotel in Applegate, OR on FX's Hotel Hell.

07/31/2014 By Caleb Diehl


PETE’s Aggressive New Translation of Chekhov’s 'The Three Sisters'

Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble premieres a reinvigorated interpretation of the Russian classic by a Lewis & Clark professor. July 31–Aug 17

07/31/2014 By Caleb Diehl


Adventure Start-up Joins Forces with Oregon Field Guide

Portland start-up Outdoor Project merges its catalog of maps, guides, and driving directions with OPB's rich storytelling.

07/29/2014 By Caleb Diehl


The Last Silent Forest

Five hours from Portland, the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park is one of 12 places where silence is still possible.

07/28/2014 By Caleb Diehl