Gordon Ramsay Fixes Up a Southern Oregon "Hippie" Hotel

On Monday August 4, the frequently-irate Gordon Ramsay shows his sensitive side at a hotel in Applegate, OR on FX's Hotel Hell.

By Caleb Diehl July 31, 2014

Gordon Ramsay (L) talks with the hotel staff when he travels to Applegate, OR, to help revamp the Applegate River Lodge

When Gordon Ramsay visits a hippie lodge, he gets sensitive. We’re talking about the Scotsman who storms into kitchens to call grow men “donkeys.” Now, he’s telling them to listen to mom.

During his trip to the peaceful rivers and vineyard views at the Applegate River Lodge in Applegate, Oregon last May (see our previous coverage here), Ramsay went straight to tasting the food, designing a new menu, and replacing frozen chicken and salmon with fresh fare, as usual. Then, just like Dr. Phil, he healed a rift between the Davis family’s two sons.

His handiwork will go on display Monday, August 4 at 6pm on a new episode of Fox’s Hotel Hell.

“He could not have been more respectful to me,” said Joanna Davis, who operates the hotel with her ex-husband, Richard. “Maybe because I’m the mom.”

Here’s how Ramsay’s conflict resolution skills work their exquisite and mystical art. For two years, the Davis boys refuse to speak to one another. For two years, Joanna tells them hatred is a cancer. Enter Gordon Ramsay, saying, “Yeah, listen to your mom hatred is a cancer.” All better.

Since Ramsay came to town, guests have been marveling at the lodge’s new lobby furniture, paint job, and entryway. Business, helped along by a few weddings, is picking up. The chef and hospitality expert best known for scaring the incompetence out of his clients (or victims) got the job done, and did it with class. 

“He really is a nice guy,” Davis said.

Really? We’ll take your word for it, as long as he stays out of our kitchen.

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