Case Study Coffee: In a four-foot-high Yama cold brew tower, water and grounds filter through glass coils for six hours. 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Baristas crank a lever pressurized by nitrous oxide. In seconds, 16-ounce cold brew gushes from the tap. 

Sterling Coffee Roasters: For precise acidity and sweetness, a FETCO 2031e “pulse brewer” releases half the water used for regular coffee in small doses.  

Courier Coffee: Molded daily, Joel Domreis’s perfect two-inch ice cubes displace three ounces of cold brew and stay solid “forever.”  

Spella Caffe: Shakerato—raw sugar, ice, and espresso, shaken for 20 seconds—packs the sweetness of a latte, without gobs of milk. 

Luc Lac: Smoked salt and orange zest flavor the Ca Phe Cola, made with carbonated Vietnamese slow-drip coffee, on tap.

Ristretto Roasters: Baristas brew a chocolaty Beaumont Blend and single-origin coffee from Kenya, pour it into kegs, and release it on nitro. 

Extracto Coffee Roasters: After a year of tweaking, Chris Brady’s cold brew, thick with notes of chocolate and molasses, pours from the tap.

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