25 Portlanders Who Are Changing the World

Meet the idealists, entrepreneurs, organizers, thinkers, and doers who make Portland a capital city of global action.

01/25/2013 Edited by Zach Dundas With Georgia Perry, Ramona DeNies, Robert Ham, Laura Lundberg, Jonathan Frochtzwajg, and Tamara Feingold


The Making of a Therapy Llama

A look at how two big camelids learned to help humans.

12/14/2012 By Laura Lundberg

Portland Events

Do This Now! A Guide to Portland's Holiday Pop-up Shops

What's popping up in town this month

10/16/2012 By Laura Lundberg


Portland's Weirdest Pickles

Five bizarre fermented products found right here in the Rose City

10/16/2012 By Laura Lundberg

finding the magic position

Five Questions for Patrick Wolf

The flamboyant British artist discusses his ten-year journey as a musician, his newly released retrospective album, and his show at the Aladdin on Sunday.

09/26/2012 By Laura Lundberg

static clings

TBA 2011: The Radio Show

Kyle Abraham’s hit parade leaves space for provocative bursts of static.

07/24/2012 By Anne Adams


Neighborhood News: Pizza & Thai Edition

Top stories from around Portland, including a new soda fountain, Thai openings, and pizza all over.

09/20/2011 By Allison Jones


Project Runway Recap: E.8

This week is a bad week for Portland.

09/19/2011 By Eden Dawn