Why This Crowdfunded Urban Therapy Yurt Really Works

At least according to one Portland counselor.

06/24/2016 By Megan Haverman


This Portland Fabric Lab is Testing the Fashion of the Future

Whether you’re making a waterproof jacket or high-tech sports bra, Elizabeth LeMay has got it dialed.

03/01/2016 By Megan Haverman


Adding Soul to Custom Caskets

Two Portland tattoo artists create “death-positive” coffins in their own home.

01/25/2016 By Megan Haverman


Oregon's Biggest News Headlines of 2015

An imploding governor, a booming economy, and earthquake dread: ’twas a strange year indeed!

11/23/2015 By Megan Haverman


The Posh Remodel of Old Town's Society Hotel

A former flophouse gets a fancy update.

11/23/2015 By Megan Haverman


Top Things to Do This Weekend: Nov 12–15

Rainn Wilson's bassoon, Jenny Lawson's loony raccoon, Eugene Mirman teaches us Russian, plus Sturgill Simpson, Sara Evans, and even a conference with "secret knowledge." It's your weekend, Portland!

11/12/2015 By Ramona DeNies and Megan Haverman


Top Things to Do This Weekend: Oct 29–Nov 1

Boo! The Oregon Symphony gets scary, alongside Shakey Graves, horror improv at the Brody Theater, the Decemberists' Jenny Conlee, and a wild piano ride with the ghost of Fats Waller.

10/29/2015 By Ramona DeNies and Megan Haverman


Boo! Five Halloween Events to Trick or Treat You

Frightening flicks, scary suds, deathly dances: We scoped the season’s spook-scene and found the five best Halloween happenings.

10/26/2015 By Megan Haverman


Moby Dick in the Dark With Hammocks? Sign Us Up!

Fancy going to see a play you can’t actually, well, see? We've got the skinny on PETE’s “sightless play” All Well.

10/21/2015 By Megan Haverman


Check Out Portland Rock Gym’s Impressive Remodel

Heads up, climbers! The newest rock walls in town have popped up in the country's second-oldest climbing gym, along with a new weight room, yoga studio, and eats from Prasad.

09/29/2015 By Megan Haverman


The Good, the Bad, and the Cous Cous: Our TBA Recap

We laughed. We cried. Our patience was tested—and often rewarded. There were dances in folk shoes, in forests, and with food, meditations on the end of men and some serious soundscapes. With another TBA behind us, our critics offer their verdicts.

09/22/2015 By Fiona McCann, Eden Dawn, Ramona DeNies, Megan Haverman, and Brandon Staley


Top Things to Do This Weekend: Sept 17–20

Natasha Kmeto rocks the Doug Fir, Kraftwerk live, in 3-D, TBA takes a hike, and Wapato Jail gets arty.

09/17/2015 By Ramona DeNies and Megan Haverman


Pacifica Beauty to Open First Portland Storefront

This October, the local skincare pros will open the doors of a new product shop at the company's Northwest warehouse. We've got the scoop.

09/15/2015 By Megan Haverman


Your Essential Ten-Day Guide to Portland's TBA Festival

Overwhelmed by the plethora of performances? Bamboozled by the endless art? We’ve got you covered with our day-by-day itinerary for the ultimate TBA experience.

09/10/2015 By Fiona McCann, Ramona DeNies, Megan Haverman, and Brandon Staley


Top Things to Do This Weekend: Sept 10–13

XOXO, Portland! Also heating up the weekend: Brandi Carlile, Ursula Le Guin, Salman Rushdie, comics Russell Peters and Jessimae Pelsuo—and so much more (at) TBA!

09/10/2015 By Ramona DeNies and Megan Haverman


Five Portland Art Shows You Can’t Miss this September

First Thursday of fall! We've got you covered with our must-see list of September shows.

09/02/2015 By Megan Haverman


Top Things to Do This Labor Day Weekend

Winding up summer with the Oregon Symphony's Waterfront Concert, the Portland Film Festival, and Art in the Pearl. And! Ben Harper, Bill Papas, and riot grrrls.

09/02/2015 By Ramona DeNies and Megan Haverman


Listen to The Lonesome Billies' New Track (And Find Out Why They're Portland's Answer to the Spice Girls)

From seeds to tumbleweeds, Portland's own Lonesome Billies delivers classic country with an edge. So what's with the Spice Girls comparison? 

08/27/2015 By Megan Haverman


8 Yoga (and Fitness) Apps to Bring Your Practice With You at Home and On the Go

Get your downward-facing dog fix without the crowds or studio prices with these eight yoga and fitness apps. Finding balance has never been easier.

08/26/2015 By Megan Haverman and Allison Jones


From Buffy to Bookstores: Geek Queen Felicia Day's Fantastical Life

You may know her from her appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but Felicia Day is also the woman behind Geek and Sundry and a reformed gaming addict. We talked to her about writing, web series and World of Warcraft.

08/20/2015 By Megan Haverman