Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare Fest: Know Before You Go

The world-famous annual Bard-off kicks off tomorrow in Ashland ("It is on, people! It is so on!" gushed one blogger). Should you believe the hype? Yes—and we've got four reasons why.

02/19/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Video Crush: Bob's Burgers Does Sleater-Kinney

Rejoice! The kids from FOX's hit animated show get a visit from Sleater-Kinney. And yes, there is much skanking and pogoing. We've got the clip.

02/19/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Six Picks for PIFF

From Alps-wandering sheepdogs to apocalyptic zombies, we celebrate today's official launch of the 38th Annual Portland International Film Festival with a shortlist of must-sees.

02/05/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Theater Review: PETE's 'Enter THE NIGHT'

An avante-garde script steeped in gender politics and racial minstrelsy; playwright María Irene Fornes's 1993 work may not stand the test of time, but it does offer PETE ways to shine.

01/29/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Meet the Star Piglets in Boom Arts' New Play

Piglets! On stage! Need we say more?

01/26/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Pharmaca Set to Open Beaverton Location with Free Spa Treatments

Feb 7 & 8—Free mini-facials, expert health and beauty advice, and more await locals at the Beaverton Grand Opening.

01/19/2015 By Rene Bermudez


How to Bend Light

Architect and thinker Nancy Cheng reveals how sheet materials can be cut, creased, or crimped to generate lighting effects that change with the sun's movement.

01/06/2015 By Rene Bermudez