Australia's Princess of Pop Lenka Hits Portland June 19

The Aussie star on Bjork, Brad Pitt and that song from Moneyball

06/10/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Dawkins on God, Critics on Dawkins

The prominent—and controversial—New Atheist joins PSU Professor Peter Boghossian on stage for an evening of science and secularism.

06/04/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Portland Band Shy Girls Opens Up with a New Mixtape

Getting to know Dan Vidmar and his minimalist soul: ditch the freak folk and flannel, embrace your inner Luther Vandross.

05/28/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Greg Rucka's Stumptown is Still Super Gritty

The Eisner-winning graphic novelist on the next volume in his noirish Dex Parios series; meanwhile, publisher Oni Press keeps Hollywood on speed-dial.

05/27/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Bring Us The Heads of Ai Weiwei!

The dissident Chinese artist recasts (and gilds) the ancient—and very controversial—Zodiac Heads of an imperial palace. New at PAM!

05/21/2015 By Rene Bermudez


The Grateful Dead's Rhythm Devil Blows Through Town

In a new memoir, drummer Bill Kreutzmann flashes back on Aldous Huxley, Janis Joplin, co-drummer Mickey Hart, and, yes, LSD.

05/20/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Our Top Five TEDxMtHood Talkers

TEDxMtHood takes to Revolution Hall on Saturday, with a lineup of some of the city’s brightest thinkers and talkers. But if you can’t watch them all, who should you be paying attention to?

04/29/2015 By Rene Bermudez


The App That Will Reshape Cycling in Portland

Ride will track the routes and behaviors of cyclists to help direct future bike lanes and signals.

04/27/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Get Ready For Your Gus Van Sant Big Screen Movie Marathon

Portland's NW Film Center is running a major Gus Van Sant retrospective, with his defining movies shown alongside those that influenced this local filmmaker.

04/22/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Men in Tutus, Energy, and Experimentation in Oregon Ballet's IMPACT

Tutus and traditions are given new treatments in Oregon Ballet’s high energy 25th anniversary show IMPACT.

04/20/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Inexplicable Art: A Rick Bartow Retrospective

A major retrospective from one of the most important Native American artists in the country opens in Eugene this week, promising to engage and provoke with over 100 works.

04/15/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Catching Up With Cousteau at OMSI

For Jean-Michel Cousteau, the future is underwater. He'll be present—virtually at least—to tell us why, after his latest documentary on ocean life airs at OMSI this week.

04/07/2015 By Rene Bermudez


One Woman's Crusade to Save the Neighborhood Squirrel

Furry friend or vermin? The line is blurry at this Vancouver-based wildlife rehabilitation nonprofit.

04/02/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Classical Crooners: Boyz II Men Meets the Oregon Symphony

Boyz II Men are joining the Oregon Symphony for a night of symphonic soul. But how did this happy marriage come about? We comb through their respective timelines to find out what brought the nineties soulsters and our own Symphony together at last.

04/01/2015 By Rene Bermudez


How Women Came to Run this State

A brief history of feminism and political power in Oregon

03/26/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Why Do We Love Storytelling on Stage?

Portlanders are flocking to live storytelling events, with five local organizations offering them up. This month, RISK! comes to town to vie with the homegrown options for your confessional throw-downs. So what’s to gain from public humiliation?

03/26/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Postcards Share Portlanders' Responses to Dramatic War Photos

Richard Mosse's photographs of an African war are striking a chord with the thousands of Portlanders—here's what they have to say.

03/12/2015 By Rene Bermudez


Oregon Symphony Brings Video Game Music to the Schnitz

The Oregon Symphony plays music from the Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, and Halo on March 6 as part of a bid to reach beyond the classical community.

03/05/2015 By Rene Bermudez


A First First Thursday for PNCA's New Home

Spring has sprung early in Portland and First Thursday invites art lovers to take to the surprisingly unsoaked streets. We've got six gallery picks—one of them at PNCA's brand new 511 Building.

03/03/2015 By Rene Bermudez


The Epitome of Cool: Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon Wrote a Memoir

The famously reserved rock star joins local jack-of-all-arts Jon Raymond March 3 at Powells. And as it turns out, Jon's a big fan.

02/26/2015 By Rene Bermudez