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The Face of Men's Custom Clothing

Brian Tacker

Presented by Styled By BTack February 27, 2018

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You know that old saying—look like a million bucks and you’ll feel like a million bucks? For more than 20 years, Brian Tacker has lived by that rule. “My clients invest with me to earn the result of feeling fabulous,” he says. He delivers world-class service with world-class products, specializing in handmade and exquisitely tailored suits. “If something isn’t right, I don’t sleep until the client is happy,” he says.

Born and raised in Portland, about 80 percent of his business is currently in the Rose City, though he travels regularly to attend to clients across the nation.

He’s built his business, which also include personal shopping, through word of mouth. BTack, as he’s known, is proud to have watched his longstanding clients take off in their careers as his own business has grown. And, as a devoted husband and father of three, he takes particular enjoyment in seeing his customers’ children grow up and get fitted for their own first special suits.

“I do what I love to do and I get paid,” he says. “I get to help people with how they feel about themselves. There’s nothing better than that.”

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