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5 Fun Family-Friendly Activities in Lincoln City

Adventures for treasure hunters, hikers, and every family in between.

Presented by Lincoln City Visitors Bureau January 15, 2020

Pack your bags (and beach chairs), and head to the coast! Lincoln City has everything you need for a fun-filled family vacation. With seven miles of oceanfront property to rent, your home base will be filled with sunsets, vast ocean views, and serenity. When you rally the troops and head out to explore, here are some of the best adventures you’ll find.

Drift Creek Falls is a just a short drive from Lincoln City and features a 240-foot suspension bridge and stunning waterfall.

Image: Jarett Juarez

Hike through the coastal woods

With a wealth of world-class, beautiful hikes within just a few miles of Lincoln City, you are guaranteed to find a trail that the whole family can enjoy. Varying in difficulties and views, there are a variety of options to choose from that cater exactly to what you and your family want. Drift Creek Falls, a local favorite, is an easy to moderate three-mile out and back trail that ends with a 240-foot suspension bridge and roaring waterfall. Because of its length, well-maintained trail and rewarding views, it has been a treasured family-friendly hike for generations. The trailhead is situated a few miles inland where huge old growth forests shield you from coastal wind gusts and rainfall.

Search year-round for hand-crafted glass floats on the beach in Lincoln City. You find it, you keep it.

Treasure hunt with Finders Keepers

What could be better than a year-round treasure hunt on seven miles of pristine Oregon beach? Lincoln City’s Finders Keepers program is inspired by a time when treasure hunters and beach-goers would stumble upon glass floats washed up on shore once lost to sea from Japanese fishing boats. Now that fishermen no longer use glass floats, Lincoln City created their own treasure hunt, where local artisans create hand-crafted glass floats in all different sizes and colors and hide them on the beach for visitors to find and keep. The luck of finding a float dropped by local ‘Float Fairies’ is what keeps all ages on the beach exploring driftwood and beach grass rain or shine in hopes to be one of the lucky people who discover a float.

Visit Lincoln City during the Summer or Fall Kite Festivals featuring giant, colorful show kites and world-class fliers.

Fly high at Lincoln City’s kite festivals.

Every year, Lincoln City hosts two kite festivals welcoming guests from all over the world to witness this visually stunning event. Bring the whole family and watch as kites fill up the sky. From life-sized whales, to choreographed sport kite performances, it’s guaranteed to make your jaw drop! The kite festivals are events like no other, with brilliant shapes and colors filling up the sky for the whole weekend—complete with face painting, kite making, demonstrations, and even races across the sand. You and your kids will find yourself immersed in this amazing culture and can spend the day enjoying the show. 

Take the family for some playtime at Regatta Grounds. This lakeside park is packed full of fun activities.

Explore Regatta Grounds Park.

Regatta Grounds Park is a Lincoln City gem. A long, sprawling hillside leaning right up to the edge of Devils Lake, Regatta Grounds is a perfect place to relax on a sunny afternoon. With its unique sandcastle playground, boat ramp, dock, protected swimming area, and picnic spots, it makes for the perfect place to hang out all day. Trek through the hiking trails where a grandfather spruce tree awaits discovery, towering high above its kin. Time it right and you can enjoy a concert or another family-friendly event at the park.

Explore tide pools teeming with life on the beach in Lincoln City.

Image: Cody Cha

Explore Lincoln City’s tide pools.

While you’re scanning the beach for glass floats, agates, jasper, or driftwood, check the tides and be sure to explore our local tide pools. There’s another world waiting to be discovered. As the tide recedes, you will find tiny ecosystems filled with sea stars, anemones, fish, crab, eel, and maybe even octopuses. It’s all there for your viewing pleasure as the tide pools patiently wait for the salty ocean water to return. From spring to early summer, Lincoln City has local experts that will guide you through tide pool exploration. Part of the Exploriencecs program, these guides spend their lives traveling the Oregon Coast and educating curious minds. These Exploriences, along with others, including crabbing, clamming, bird watching, and beachcombing will make you a coastal expert and allow you to bring home additional souvenirs from your visit to Lincoln City.

For more information about family fun along the Oregon coast, visit ExploreLincolnCity.com or call 541-996-1274