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The Face of Basement Renovation

Steve Gemmell, Founder of Top Dawg Basement ReCreation

Presented by Top Dawg Basement ReCreation May 25, 2021

Like many of us during the pandemic, Steve Gemmell has kept himself busy with home improvement projects, especially because he and his girlfriend recently purchased a house together. “I’ve been remodeling the hell out of it,” he says. “We tore out the kitchen and completely redid it. I’m acting as the general contractor for all of the finish work, too.”

For more than 26 years, enhancing living spaces has been his bread and butter, and around town his companies, Gemmell Construction and Earthquake Tech, carry a reputation for exceptional results. During the pandemic, he saw the opportunity for a new venture: Top Dawg Basement ReCreation.

After a year spent inside, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that many people are looking for a way to add more square footage to their house. But on smaller city lots, easement restrictions tend to prevent bump-out additions. Nevertheless, many of Portland’s homes are older, with underdeveloped subterranean areas ripe with renovation potential. Plus, adding a basement is a great way to raise your property value.

You may see a dusty fruit cellar wreathed in cobwebs, but Top Dawg can convert it to a cozy media center, fitness gym, or even a rentable Accessory Dwelling Unit. Their system utilizes the existing foundation and updates it to meet today’s seismic building codes. Even when headroom is limited, they can dig down to add more height. From simple cosmetic to complex structural jobs, whatever your vision, Gemmell and his passionate, hardworking crew will work with you to bring it to life.

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