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The Face of Resilient Marketing Partnerships

Stephanie Chadwick, CEO of Edge

Presented by Edge Multimedia May 25, 2021

There aren’t many small businesses that last 20 years. Despite a pandemic, personal health struggles, and various economic bubble bursts, strategic marketing agency Edge is alive and well—and as always, ready for what comes next.

For CEO Stephanie Chadwick, it’s been two decades of innovation, reinvention, and working with people who are never considered just clients, but partners in every way. “We’re fully integrated into their organization, and it becomes more like a family relationship,” she says. “It’s an authentic approach that helps us ascertain the voice of their brand and amplify who they are and what they stand for. Plus, it makes for very rewarding, great work.”

As a venture firmly rooted in family, Stephanie and her husband, Scott, have nurtured Edge through four kids and lightning-fast technological advances. “Our leadership saw things coming and had a good sixth sense,” she says. “We took calculated risks and pushed the envelope to develop our team and grow.”

A remote agency since its inception, Edge has led with a lot of other firsts: adopting social media early; running SEM campaigns; and even building their own HTML email promotions before they really existed. Soon, they’ll debut a new product: Formulate, a proprietary website calculator inspired by their decade-long collaboration with credit unions throughout the U.S.

Cutting their teeth at the cutting edge, they are the small team behind a full-service ad agency, providing web hosting and development, A/V production, marketing consulting, media buying, data-driven digital campaigns, content strategy, reporting, and more to seamlessly extend client capabilities. Says Chadwick, “We’re not afraid to help develop the client teams we’re working with, because when we grow them, the bar keeps going up.”