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The Faces of Executive Search

Boly:Welch Executive Search

Presented by Boly:Welch May 26, 2023

When Diane Boly and Pat Welch founded Boly:Welch in 1986, they had a vision to create a culture where people could bring their whole selves to work. Their goal was to cultivate an environment where people were known and celebrated for who they are, which ultimately would lead to connection and a stronger community. 

A division of Boly:Welch, the largest independent women-owned recruiting firm in Oregon, Boly:Welch Executive Search has been recognized by the Portland Business Journal as the leading executive search firm in Oregon. Boly:Welch Executive Search offers retained search recruiting services and organizational consulting to help organizations go beyond talent acquisition and make meaningful hires that drive business. Today, the company has B Corporation status and a 38-year legacy in helping organizations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond attract and develop best-in-class talent.  

The team of more than 40 people serve clients around Oregon and Washington, as well as many national clients across a multitude of industry sectors, which is rare in the recruiting industry. 

Whether it’s a director position or a C-Suite role, Boly:Welch Executive Search recognizes that the search for leadership is a multi-faceted process that relies on strong relationships, true collaboration, and commitment to mutual success. The results: happy employees who are invested in a company’s long-term growth, and companies that are better set up for success. 

“Developing a relationship with an Executive Search partner is no different than that of your CPA or legal counsel,” said Jenn Engelman, Executive Search Consultant at Boly:Welch. “We’ll be here to support you as situations arise and guide your team to success in times of transition.” 

Boly:Welch Executive Search 

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