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The Faces of Foot and Ankle Surgery

Trevor Haynes, DPM and Tyler Belnap, DPM | Elite Foot & Ankle Associates

Presented by Elite Foot & Ankle Associates May 26, 2023

Foot pain is a common issue that many people deal with. Oftentimes surgery is required to appropriately treat the problem, but people are nervous about the healing process and excessive downtime. This is why at Elite  

Drs. Haynes and Belnap have undergone extensive training to make the pain less, healing time faster, and patients happier through minimally invasive surgery (MIS). This includes bunionectomies, hammertoe corrections, neuroma surgery, plantar fascial releases, and more.  These procedures are performed through tiny incisions typically with no hardware, general anesthesia, or hospital stays. The best part? You can walk out of the surgery and expect a faster recovery time with less pain than traditional surgery. 

MIS techniques are great for those who have been previously told that surgery wasn’t an option. If surgery isn’t for you, try the state-of-the-art pain treatment using laser therapy for post-operative recovery, sprains, strains, inflammation, injuries, and even peripheral neuropathy. 

Elite Foot & Ankle takes pride in providing excellent care to patients in a respectful and caring environment. They understand that surgery is difficult and they’re here to help you through it by offering the best techniques and treatments available. Don’t let foot or ankle pain limit your life any longer. 

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