Eco Elegance

Forget the drawstring hemp pants, Greenloop boutique makes eco-consciousness fashionably chic.

By Jill Spitznass May 19, 2009 Published in the January 2008 issue of Portland Monthly

UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN under a large (polyester) rock, you know that planet-friendly apparel no longer means drawstring hemp pants that render your wardrobe more shabby than chic. Today high-profile designers like Stella McCartney are adding so much sex appeal to green fashion that what was once a niche market is growing like bamboo in the springtime.

All this warms the global heart of Greenloop boutique owner Aysia Wright, who has been cultivating Portland’s eco-style movement since 2004, when her search for “responsible” clothing (i.e., sustainably produced and manufactured apparel) was nearly fruitless. “It was frustrating. There were very few designers putting thought into the textiles and techniques they used,” says Wright, who then made her own statement by segueing from environmental law to retail.

Located in a cozy Sellwood Victorian, Greenloop offers a bountiful selection of clothing and accessories. Organic cotton makes up Stewart + Brown’s feminine, open-weave cardigan, while hemp and silk come together in Habitude’s feminine, fête-ready tank. Guys will find collectible T-shirts by eco-cult label Loomstate, the perfect match for any one of Edun’s jeans or Of the Earth’s canvas trousers.

To her eco-conscious credit, Wright understands that even the most environmentally virtuous product doesn’t stand a chance if it’s not flattering: “If those jeans don’t make your butt look good, you’re not going to want to buy them.” And Linda Loudermilk brand organic cotton jeans most certainly do, which begs the thoroughly modern question: If it’s this easy being green, why wouldn’t you be?

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