Runway Happiness

The Weekend in Pictures

The Flurry and Xtabay shows in visual representation.

By Eden Dawn December 6, 2010


Portland is a cold, cruel world today. Not only because I flew in from Honolulu last night after a week of basking in the tropical sun with blue-green waves crashing at my feet (don’t hate me, I have been trying to squeeze in that vacation for the last 5 years), but because when I was gone I missed all kinds of fun fashion times. And I hate missing out on anything fun and fashion related. I can tell from the activity on my Facebook page that multiple events went down, but notably two fashion shows took place. The Xtabay Holiday Show with beautiful girls in vintage gowns who put on elbow length gloves and sashayed about with invisible books atop their heads. This video has left me more than a little jealous since I long for day when I can find a suitable reason to put on elbow length gloves, but alas no reason ever comes. On the opposite spectrum the slideshow contains pictures from pop up shop Flurry’s weekend show featuring 15 local designers like Betty Jean Couture and Ms. Woods. Overall the clothes look pretty dang cute, but I have to question some of the hair styling at the show. I love big hair, but once it gets above 4", it’s pretty distracting. You can pick up items from both of these shows at their respective stores. If you made it to either runway extravaganza, let us know your thoughts!


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