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This skin care product is bringing me out from my winter hiding.

By Eden Dawn January 12, 2011

Add this to your winter routine if you need a little freshening up.

This weather has been doing awful things to my skin. I feel like my face has the same texture of a desert cactus. The cold outside coupled with the blasts of heat inside can easily create a lifeless winter complexion. Skindinavia’s 10 Years Younger Make Up Finish has become my new saving grace. It’s been getting raves here and there, but once I saw Zac Posen had it on his runway models I had to check it out.

The finish is basically a hydrating mist that you spray over your make-up to get a nice dewy fresh face. It counteracts the skins dry winter doldrums while using six moisturizers to blur out some of those little “laugh “lines and keeping make up from resting in pores, lines, wrinkles, or scars. We all know skin care products can get into the “I need to sell my car to pay for my eye cream addiction” but this little mister is super reasonably priced with a two month supply going for under $20. Carry your wallet after you use it though, you might get carded.

10 Years Younger Make Up Finish

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