4 Local Spa Treatments to Shake the Winter Doldrums

A Hawaiian massage in the Pearl, a float at the Float Shoppe, and two very different Portland soaks

02/08/2023 By Karen Brooks, Katherine Chew Hamilton, Isabel Lemus Kristensen, and Margaret Seiler


5 Oregon-Made Sunscreens for the Dog Days of Summer

From Portland to Bend, these brands from the Beaver State have you covered when it comes to sun protection.

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5 Local Wellness Products from BIPOC and Women-Owned Businesses

From bath bombs to bergamot, here are a few shops to support.

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Mama Sans Drama

7 Oh-So-Portland Ways to Celebrate Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Don’t just take her to brunch again.

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The Secret to Dewy, Plump Skin? Face Oils!

Argan, almond, coconut, rose hip, jojoba, olive, oh my!

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The All-Natural Winter Face Skincare Fix

Essance Skincare founder Jasmine Tran produces organic superfood for your skin.

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Pacifica Beauty to Open First Portland Storefront

This October, the local skincare pros will open the doors of a new product shop at the company's Northwest warehouse. We've got the scoop.

09/15/2015 By Megan Haverman


10 Artisan Apothecaries Grown in Portland

These local companies use essential oils and natural ingredients to craft everything from bath salts and beauty balms to bug sprays and tattoo cream.

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5 Skin Care Tips for Summer Sun Recovery

If your face is feeling the effects of a few months in the sun, Loyly’s holistic skincare expert Heather Wade Mills has some advice.

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You Should Probably Throw Out Your Makeup

The local skincare experts at Echo Natural Beauty share when to toss your powders, creams, tints, and mascaras. Hint: it's more often than you think.

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Does Pacific Northwest Skin Have Special Needs?

Why the Portland-raised esthetician behind Partly Sunny skin care crafted a line specifically for Northwest faces.

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7 Sizzling Skin Care Tips for Summer

Skin care experts estimate that 80-90 percent of visible aging we see in our skin is caused by sun damage. Here's how to keep your skin happy in the heat!

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5 Reasons to Love Sellwood Soap Company

Why Rachael Gruen's handmade natural soap company has something for everyone—with the science to back it up

09/24/2013 By Allison Jones Videography by Tuck Woodstock

I'm Special


This skin care product is bringing me out from my winter hiding.

01/12/2011 By Eden Dawn