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7 Oh-So-Portland Ways to Celebrate Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Don’t just take her to brunch again.

By Sarah Hutchins and Kelly Clarke May 2, 2018

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Moms are people too, darn it. That means that while they do enjoy brunch and handmade cards, they might also be psyched to receive something a little more interesting on their retail-approved day of recognition. Say, tickets to a cool arts event, or some edgy, locally crafted jewelry. Or fancy goop that makes their oft-ignored skin feel fabulous. Whatever you plan for her special day, we’re sure she’ll love it—but she might love you 20 percent more if you gift her this stuff… 

Artslandia Box

Easier and cheaper than hiring a personal assistant, the perfect present for your art-lovin' mum comes via USPS. The special Mom’s Day edition of Artslandia mag’s nifty Artslandia monthly subscription box includes two tickets to the Portland Opera’s Faust, a Curious Comedy show, and passes for the Portland Art Museum. Plus, vouchers for free drinks at Sokol Blosser Winery and World Foods on First Thursday as well as snacks at Serrato, live jazz Jo Bar, and St. Cupcake (calories she can work off, in theory, at the box’s free Barre3 full-body workout, if that’s her jam). Or she could just redeem her 30-minute massage at Kevin Kiggins Massage Therapy. After all that, she can spend one night at the posh hostel-style Society Hotel, sipping Jasmine Pearl tea and penning her thoughts in the box’s gratis leather pocket journal. $150 at (Use the code “MOM” for $20 off)

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Image: Natalie Olsen

Portland Cooks Cookbook

You know the saying: take a mom to Besaw’s and she’ll eat eggs Benedict. Teach a mom to cook Besaw’s eggs Benedict at home and you’ll eat free, delicious breakfasts with no line for the rest of your natural life. Enter, Portland Cooks, local food insider Danielle Centoni’s greatest hits collection of Stumptown recipes, with 80 dishes from 40 of Portland’s most belurved chefs and bartenders. We suggest starting with a cocktail, say either Broder’s dynamite Danish Mary or a Triple Sunrise (Kachka), followed by a parade of savory or sweet morning dishes, like Bluehour’s foie gras biscuits, Milk Glass Mrkt’s tricked-out baked oatmeal, blueberry and smoked Cheddar beignets with honey ice cream (Irving Street Kitchen), or, yes, Besaw’s eggs Benedict with roasted garlic-rosemary potatoes. $32.95 at Powell’s Books

Olio E Osso Lustero Body Oil

Luxury is in short supply for many mothers, so why not give her some in a bottle? The amazingly named Paola Lamorticella, a Portland-based international film stylist and makeup artist, is known for her fab Olio E Osso skincare line crafted with olive and shea oils bound with beeswax and grapefruit essential oils. Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Coppola, Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway, and Mandy Moore are all reportedly fans. Olio E Osso’s latest, Lustero Body Oil will give mom the shimmer of a celebrity—without the hordes of invasive paparazzi. $60 at

Mother's Day Brunch at Tusk

Okay, we said no brunch. But this a really, really cool brunch. For one morning only, James Beard award-winning chef Naomi Pomeroy of Beast and rising star Sam Smith of Tusk will collaborate on a special two-course prix fixe Mother’s Day menu. After the family-style first course of pastries and mezze, diners can choose short rib hash, smoked fish salad, or Mexican-inspired baked eggs (all served on a snazzy new line of Ash Dinnerware designed by Sarah Wolf of Wolf Ceramics, who PoMo has already told you all about). Pomeroy’s new Colibri floral design project will decorate the restaurant—if mom likes one of those cool little Wolf vases filled with fresh flowers, you can buy it for her right off the table before you leave. Score! $38 per person at Tusk, reservations required

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Painting & Pinot in Wine Country

For the mom who needs a break from all the city/child noise, escape to wine country just an hour south of Portland for a Mother’s Day afternoon of sipping Durant Vineyards pinot noir and painting with Portland’s Bottle & Bottega. Lounging above the award-winning Oregon Olive Mill at Red Ridge, even beginners can channel their inner Van Gogh to recreate a wine-lubricated rendition of olive groves, lavender fields, and vineyards. Moms hang all your clumsy kid art up all over our house all the time; now you can prominently display our masterpiece in your home. $71 at Red Ridge Farms

Sarah Richey Jewelry

Please, step away from the Pandora website. The last thing the person who raised you wants is a heart-shaped, sterling silver charm engraved with the letters M-O-M. She already knows who she is, I assure you. Instead, how about a piece from badass Portland designer Sarah Richey? She finds inspiration for her serpentine jewelry from her kundalini yoga background as well as stones, gems, and fossils from around the world. Vogue has featured some of her work, including her geode and Dali-inspired evil eye rings. They’re both delicate and modern; a bit weird yet super classy—just like yer mom, probably. $30–$280 at MadeHere PDX Pearl

Woman Up!

Finally, we just have to say it: Portland Monthly is staging its own Mom's Day spectacular: two days of fitness, arts, crafts, thought-provoking speakers, long-distance running, and lady solidarity on the campus of Marylhurst University. On Saturday, Woman Up! opens with a full day of hands-on opportunities to learn new workouts, wellness techniques, arts disciplines, and more, plus a power-packed line-up of panels on fitness, social change, and community. And then there's a cocktail party, because. On Sunday, runners will loop through verdant Southwest Portland for our 5k and 10k races, culminating in a community festival open to everyone. $50-100  (Saturday-only youth passes $30) at Woman Up!


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