Does Pacific Northwest Skin Have Special Needs?

Why the Portland-raised esthetician behind Partly Sunny skin care crafted a line specifically for Northwest faces.

By Allison Jones July 9, 2015

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Susan Grace at work.

You know you're a beautiful and unique snowflake, but did you also know that even your skin is special? "The symptoms of what I have come to refer to as the 'NW Complexion' is surface dryness, with congestion beneath," explains Susan Grace, the Portland native and creator of Seattle skin care line Partly Sunny. "All Northwest residents suffer from Vitamin D deficiency which contributes to thinner, fragile skin that is more susceptible to premature aging."

After spending over a decade in the skin care industry treating Seattle celebs at her Ballard salon, Grace knew Oregonians and Washingtonians had common skin complaints—because she saw them first hand, and up close. Fusing her passions for local ingredients and healthy skin, she created her Partly Sunny facial care line for the special needs of our Northwest skin.

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Image: Betsy Mobbs

The line is a tribute to the ingredients of the region, inspired by Grace's background in natural healing where she learned the working properties of medicinal herbs and essential oils. "There are so many Northwest miracles growing around us indigenously. It became my impetus to use our local flora to extend the life of our NW complexions," says Grace, who infuses her products with ingredients like lavender, honey, Pacific seaweed, blueberries, cherries, and dandelion. 

The full Partly Sunny line includes a Vitamin D toner, cleanser, seaweed-infused serum, an exfoliator powered by bamboo stems and jojoba beads, a new illumination cream, and a moisturizer formulated for sunny or cloudy days. Grace's current favorite? The Dandelion Cleanser. "The sulfate-free lather has a luxurious slip and my skin feels hydrated directly after rinsing," Grace shares. "Plus, dandelion is a natural anti-inflammatory so it will remedy sun-exposed skin as well as prevent blemishes."

Sure, you may already be popping vitamin D pills per your doctor's recommendation, but the vitamin has even more benefits for your skin if applied to your face. "Topical application of Vitamin D is the perfect pick-me-up for a dull, sallow complexion," explains Grace. "The transdermal absorption of Vitamin D repairs skin cells, improves elasticity, and helps keep skin hydrated. In addition, it also promotes normal cell growth, wound healing, and maintaining the barrier function of skin." And isn't spraying some cooling toner on your face more fun than swallowing a capsule?

To find out more, and to order your own sample kit, visit Grace's webstore or hop up to North Portland's new sugaring and facial studio the Portland Girl for a test drive.

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