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Spring Finds at Canoe

Portland’s wet, woolly, and sometimes sunny springs keep us all on our toes. Here are some ideas for gearing up for a typical May from one of our favorite stores, Canoe.

By Amara Holstein April 26, 2011


A series of objects to get you ready for spring.

April weather in Portland, as anyone who lives here knows, is a bit fickle. Some days are full of warm sunshine, others are drenchingly wet and gray, and others, especially lately, pack sudden surprise hailstorms into the day just to keep us on our toes. So with local weather needs in mind, I’ve pulled together a spring shopping list from one of my favorite stores in town, Canoe, that aims to meet the many diverse needs of Portlanders in this ever-changing weather.

Clockwise from top left:

The Egg Bird Feeder ($135), in colors like red, yellow, and orange, lets spring birds feed while providing a pop of backyard color.

Should you want a closer experience with feathered friends, try speaking to them in their language with Wooden Bird Calls ($35).

Get outdoors in fine weather and get in shape with the Olympic Jump Rope ($10), made in Portland for the past 45 years and available in three sizes.

Spring blooms would look perfect in these aptly-named Raindrop Vases ($48) by Portland glass artist Lynn Read.

And because realistically, there are going to be plenty of cold days yet, cuddle up in this Pendleton Blanket ($178) whose bright colors and solid local construction make its warm weight even more appealing.

Then go outdoors, tromp on rainy Forest Park trails, and clean your shoes when you get home with the Natural Bristle Shoe Brush Set ($38) handmade by blind artisans in Germany using hardwoods and natural bristles.

And you’re set for spring!

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