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Barre3: The Final Frontier

An update, as I limp into the final week of my 30-Day challenge.

By Eden Dawn May 8, 2011

in case you may have not already guessed it, I have a super competitive streak. Hey, I wouldn’t be one of the only fashion editors in this state if I didn’t like to push myself. That is why it pains me to say I have fallen off the Barre3 wagon. I’ve been MIA from the studio for five days now and fighting an evil, miserable illness in place of trying to ward off my love handles.

Now to be completely clear, I am not at all insinuating that Barre3 made me sick. But rather, perhaps 30-year olds who already work fifty hours a week, who sleep too little, who hadn’t had a day of rest for six weeks prior to this and are surrounded by sick students and friends in close quarters shouldn’t expect to make it through the most intense physical regime of their life without it catching up to them.

And the kicker of it is, I actually really miss the workouts. I’ve spent my last several days writing from bed and moving at a sloth’s pace (and a slow sloth at that), until a work necessity requires me to dose up on vitamins and DayQuil and head to an interview, class or fashion show for the minimum time allowed, dreaming of PJ pants and Vicks Vapor-Rub the whole time, until I can blissfully return to bed. The thought of sitting in a relaxing studio stretching my achey muscles to a long, lean status is welcoming.

Today is the first day I have a sense of wellness finally on the horizon and hopes of tossing that DayQuil far away soon. My goal is to hop back on that Barre3 wagon and finish out my 30 days this week with a roar instead of a hacking cough. I know I’m not the first one to suffer a setback on the road to fitness, what matters is how you handle it. Right? Right?!

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