Little Joys of Summer

Organize Your Own Virtual Run Across Oregon

The Oregon Run offers three different routes across the state. But with time and technology on our hands, you can also, in true Portland style, make your own.

08/01/2020 By Fiona McCann

Work It Out

One Portland Gym Owner on the Pandemic and the CrossFit Controversy

Anton Fero, owner of Blue House, officially cut ties with CrossFit. What's next?

07/21/2020 By Lauren Carlos

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Mendi: CBD Products Created by and for Athletes

In 2010, Rachael Rapinoe had an epiphany: the status quo for athletes to manage pain was messed up. Take a look at Mendi's mission to help all athletes stay ...



A Portland-Made PSA Helps the Native Community Adapt to COVID-19

With high infection rates among tribal communities, Exercise Safe Sweats aims to keep traditions alive, and elders protected.

06/02/2020 By Eden Dawn

Pomo Picks

What to Watch, Read, and Listen to to Take Your Mind Off the Apocalypse: Week of May 20

The Portland Monthly team shares the non-pandemic content keeping us sane this week.

05/21/2020 By Portland Monthly Staff


Check Out Portland's Cult-Favorite Spin Class at Woman Up!

A short intro might be just the way to sample BurnCycle's beloved intensity.

05/02/2018 By Catherine Johnson


Endurance Swimmer Michelle Macy Sets Out to Paddle from Ireland to Scotland—Again

The 39-year-old talks long swims, jellyfish, and brain tongue.

05/19/2016 By Zach Dundas

Summer Race Guide

Bike, Run, Stumble, and Jump: Our Guide to 30 Great Summer Races

UFO-themed dashes, ultra-awesome ultras, and scavenger hunts inspired by The Amazing Race—we pick our 30 favorite summer challenges. Mark your calendars—and go!

05/03/2016 By Caitlin Collins, Ramona DeNies, and Tuck Woodstock


Five Classic Portland Runs

Whatever your quadrant, there’s a beautiful route for you.

04/15/2016 By Jonathan Frochtzwajg With Sarah Cadwell


The Simple Way to Reduce Your Risk of Running Injuries

Strengthening your hips and core has never felt easier—or more important.

04/13/2016 By Tuck Woodstock


Gym Spotlight: Hyatt Training

If you’re ready to pony up for a personal trainer, this Northwest Portland studio offers plenty of options.

03/24/2016 By Sarah Hopwood


Outrun the Baby Blues with a New Training Program for Busy Moms

Get ready to hit the pavement with Train Like a Mother Club.

02/22/2016 By Sylvia Randall-Muñoz


We Tested Out These Swedish Hiking Poles

Dorky? As all get-out. But BungyPump's calorie-burning resistance pole is still kinda cool.

02/19/2016 By Marty Patail


Unleash Your Inner Ninja with Parkour Strength Training

Portland author Ben Musholt’s third book unlocks the secrets of parkour.

02/02/2016 By Sylvia Randall-Muñoz


Gym Spotlight: Müv Training Portland

If your workout routines tend to get stale quickly, mix it up with Müv’s multitude of classes.

01/27/2016 By Sarah Hopwood


This November, Be Grateful for These Healthy Events

Make fire cider, learn to snowshoe, combat eating disorders with yoga, and choose between a turkey trot and a Tofurky trot.

11/04/2015 By Tuck Woodstock


Four New Portland Gyms to Get Your Butt in Shape

From self-defense-focused training to a boot camp run by yogis, these new studios offer something for everyone.

10/26/2015 By Katelyn Best


The "Perfect" Body: Fitness Inspiration or Unobtainable Deception?

From Barre3 to a new body-positive barbell gym, Portland fitness pros weigh in on body image, photoshop, and aesthetic role models in the health industry.

10/09/2015 By Katelyn Best


Healthy Events for Your Fittest, Most Mindful October

Mustache Dache 5k, meditation classes, self defense personal training, and a fast track to happiness

10/08/2015 By Katelyn Best


Flex Your Local Pride with Portland Bridge and #PDXCarpet Yoga Pants

A partnership between Portland's Evolve Fit Wear and Goldsheep clothing lets you gaze down at our bridges and iconic carpet in your downward dog.

10/05/2015 By Allison Jones