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In Portland, the Maskless Workout Makes a Comeback

Most businesses don’t care for the state’s vaccine verification rules. One exception? The gym.

By Cami Hughes June 14, 2021

Maskless workout classes are back, if you know where to look (and have gotten your vaccine.)

Oregon is inching toward a 70 percent vaccination rate, but until we get there, which might take a few more weeks, businesses are still required to verify your vaccine status if you want to ditch your mask inside. That’s prompted plenty of grumbling from businesses that don’t fancy being the mask police, with one notable exception: gyms and fitness studios. 

Gym owners and trainers know that working up a sweat while masked is not ideal, and thus, a number of venues around Portland have been quietly taking note of their members’ vaccinated status and allowing them to work out without the mask, so long as they can prove they’ve gotten their jab. (It makes it easier when you’ve got repeat customers, and ask for proof only once and then keep it on record.)  

Here’s a running list of gyms that are open to mask-free workouts for the vaccinated. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know at [email protected] 

Lloyd Athletic Club  

Lloyd Athletic Club—which specializes in personal one-on-one training—is now allowing its members to enter their facilities without a mask, as long as they can present their vaccine card to the front desk to prove their full vaccination. They are even re-opening their saunas, steam rooms, showers, and the four local beer taps in their lounge. On their site, they say they are “like the death star … fully operational.”  

Firelight Yoga  

Firelight Yoga is a women-owned yoga studio that asks members to send a photo of their vaccination card before their scheduled class, and they will mark it in your file so members don’t need to bring proof with each class. You still need to wear your mask when entering the studio, during check-in procedures, and moving throughout the studio. They also will still maintain the practices of no hands-on corrections, no renting towels or mats, and class capacity remains limited. 

Fuel Yoga Workouts PDX 

Fuel Yoga Workouts PDX offers high-intensity yoga and fitness classes, as well as yoga-infused fitness classes in their various facilities. They now allow fully vaccinated clients to participate in their daily in-studio classes without a mask, while still maintaining social distancing standards and sanitation practices.  

Industrial Barre and Ride 

Industrial Barre and Ride offer indoor cycling and barre classes. They ask members to send a picture of their vaccination card through text or email in order to be maskless in their studio. They will still maintain their reduced capacity, touchless check-in, sanitizer stations, cleaning protocols, and safety and comfort commitments.  

PDX Strength 

PDX Strength offers drop-in “badass fitness” classes for all strength and experience levels. They ask all members who wish to go maskless to bring their vaccination card each time they arrive at their facility, and before the beginning of their workout or guided class.  


Meraki is a Hillsboro-based gym that offers circuit, spin, and yoga classes for its members. They have constructed “workout pods”—areas with a piece of workout equipment surrounded by plexiglass–that can be used without wearing a mask. They will continue checking individual’s temperatures at the door, social distancing, having limited class sizes, and operating their UV HVAC air duct system that utilizes lamps that kill viruses and bacteria.  


Barre3 posted to Instagram on June 1 that they are allowing fully vaccinated members to go maskless at any of their Portland facilities. To be considered, members must email proof of immunization to the studio, and wait to receive a confirmation email before members can go maskless. These documents are attached to membership profiles so members don’t need to show their documents each time they arrive.   

Fulcrum Fitness 

Fulcrum Fitness is a small fitness center that has both in-studio workouts as well as outdoor workouts in various parks in the Portland area. Although their indoor classes still require masks, Fulcrum Fitness is now opening up maskless workouts outside on their Hawthorne platform as well as their outdoor classes in the park. No proof of vaccination is required.  

ModoYoga Portland 

ModoYoga—a sister-owned yoga studio—lets members go maskless. (Note: This is for the Portland location; other locations may have varying mask policies.) They ask members to sign up online, check temperatures when students arrive and have members agree to their COVID terms of service. They have mat and supply rentals that are sanitized in between uses, but showers are still restricted.  

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