After a Move, the Housewarming

Moving is famously traumatic, on par with a death or divorce; ease the transition with a warm throw blanket.

By Kristin Belz October 12, 2011


Moving into a new house can be made more comfortable, more quickly, if you throw in a Pur cashmere throw. Sale colors, including Hermes orange, available at Fab, but act now.

We all move, every day – around town, around the house, walking or in wheelchairs, in our cars and on our bikes. Even on airplanes to far off exotic foreign vacations. But MOVING is different. That ain’t no vacation.

Given that moving into a new apartment or house isn’t easy in the first place, how does one make the new place into a home, whether it’s yours or a friend’s? That’s a whole other step. Really feeling at home can take time, what with getting to know the new neighborhood grocery store, restaurants, and bus route – not to mention the neighbors. But even the first night in the new place, a certain level of comfort is crucial.

One friend needs to unpack all of her boxes. To me, that’s asking too much. All I need is to plug in one good lamp, make my bed (with the nicest sheets I have), and put up my favorite artwork (on any nails already in the wall; I’ve never had the hardship of moving into a brand new place).

But this season, a throw blanket seems like the key to easing anybody’s move and making the new house a home. Pendleton wool blankets are not too shabby, and appropriate for any move into (or out of, for that matter, Oregon). Fleece will do the job, and can even be bought by the yard; since it doesn’t ravel, you don’t even really have to hem it – just cut and cuddle. But at the top of the list, if budget is not a factor, and luxury is: cashmere throw blankets from Pur.

Pur (no, I’m not forgetting an “e,” but I should include the umlaut they use over their U, if I could find it on my keyboard!) is a home décor line that sources its cashmere from Mongolian goats. The goats build up a natural coat during the harsh Mongolian winters, only to shed in spring. Pur sends goat keepers to comb off the downy outer layer and gather the cashmere fibers without harming the animals. The throws are available in luscious colors, from black to the new black, that is, rich orange (aka, Hermes orange).

The website Fab has a selection of Pur throws on sale this week, but act fast. And if you’re not up for a splurge, check out the clearance fleece at Fabric Depot. They’ve got a hip orange mid-weight fleece for half price –$6.50/yard. Hermes would love it.

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