A Double Duty Sports Bra

Local company, Handful, makes sports bras comfortable to wear in and out of the gym.

By Eden Dawn January 3, 2013


Photo courtesy of Handful

With over 20 years experience as a fitness instructor ranging from rock climbing to yoga, Jennifer Ferguson knows what makes a good sports bra. From a comfortable fabric to adjustable straps and all without the normal side effect of, er smashing things, the Handful bra manages to accomplish everything you’d hope for in casual bra – and all while being cute enough to double as a cami for those V-necks.

In addition to providing support and comfort the Handful is also an approved mastectomy bra with generously cut pockets that can accommodate prosthetics or the pad sets they sell which as they say, “Our Handful Pads can be used to amplify what you were born with--think high heels in Vegas--or to replace what cancer has taken away. Let's face it, we all have breast issues. These pads can be used to balance a mismatch, whether it's because of post-breastfeeding deflation or following a lumpectomy. Women undergoing breast reconstruction with expanders can add and subtract pads to suit their ever-changing shape.”

To learn more check out the sassy video with Ferguson showing off all the fancy features of the reasonably ($44 for the adjustable) priced wonder bra.

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