Reveille Boutique Vanishes Overnight

Blackbox boutique Reveille disappeared last week, and the questions keep piling up.

By Eden Dawn July 17, 2013

Former employee Jupiter Delphy standing in the now empty store.

Image: Alex Gamez

Local boutique Reveille had a great space in the trendy Blackbox building, cool designers like Samantha Pleet, support from the press, and a devoted staff. That’s all the more reason why it was ultra shocking owners Jess and Camille Carson packed up the store last week without a word and locked the doors.

Since then the gossip train has been running full force with word reportedly that the employees who were away on a buying trip were not even aware of the closure and came home to find their jobs gone. Owner Camille Carson responded to our initial request for information saying only, “Reveille is temporarily closed for the moment and we are looking into all our options” then agreeing to respond to our questions regarding what shoppers should do who had items on lay away, had exchanges to be made, etc.

Since then Carson has ignored repeated requests for information not sharing any insight regarding buyers left in the lurch, if orders made on the still standing Reveille site will be fulfilled or if the shop will reopen at some point. If we discover any additional details on those matters, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, the store’s primary email address appears to be working if you were one of the folks who need a transaction completed: [email protected]

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