Royal Baby China

Honor the old country with a piece of handmade, fine bone china commemorating the little Prince-to-be.

By Kristin Belz July 24, 2013

How many Portland babies have a set of fine bone china handmade to commemorate their birth – and adorned with unicorns and lions, no less?

The miracle of childbirth happens quite often (361,000 times a day worldwide) and yet it never ceases to amaze. This being summer, the high season for child-birthing, we all know someone who just did or is about to give birth to the next generation – including our good friend Kate Middleton, who lives in London and is known also as the Duchess of Cambridge. She’s garnered a few headlines recently with her successful introduction into the world of little baby George.

We couldn’t be there for the birth (we sent our regrets; deadlines and the Oregon Brewer’s Festival were prior commitments), but we can buy a set of the royal baby china. Despite our predilection for handmade artisan products here in Portland, do any of our newly born babes have their own set of commemorative china? How can we resist indulging in at least one piece from this set? It’s decorated with a “lion and unicorn.”

Of course, the lion and unicorn in this case represent the “Royal Arms supporting the coronet of the duke and duchess of Cambridge,” and are  “surrounded by oak leaves from the Middleton coat of arms.” But still, a unicorn? How adorable!

The Royal Collection Trust (a non-profit art charity in the U.K.) recently released the commemorative set. All pieces are made in Stoke-on-Trent, the centuries old pottery center in Staffordshire, England. They are handmade, fine bone china, gilded in 22 k gold.

While I place my order (shall I get a pillbox, a loving cup or a dessert plate?), I’m thinking also of what to send little baby George from Portland. Top baby gifts that say Hello from Stumptown, Welcome to the World?

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