Q&A with John Corbett

Last week's Kiehl's LifeRide event brought stars and beauty products to Pdx. Read our Q & A with Sex in the City alum John Corbett.

By Eden Dawn August 6, 2013

John Corbett being charming in Portland.

On Thursday folks who love both beauty products and handsome celebrities hit the Kiehl’s on NW 23rd for their annual LifeRide event. Sponsored with Harley Davidson the multi-day, multi-city motorcycle ride to raise money for amfAR and awareness of HIV/AIDS contributes sales from the event to the well knows organization.

This year actors John Corbett (aka Aidan Shaw from Sex in the City and Big Fat Greek Wedding), Gilles Marini (Sex in the City and Brothers & Sisters), Teddy Sears (House of Cards) and Kurt Yaegar (Sons of Anarchy) packed into the store amongst the potions, lotions, and free drinks. 

We were able to interview Corbett (without too much SITC geeking out) about his involvement with the project.

Kiehl's handing over a $150,000 check to amFAR from the event.

Eden Dawn: What brought you to work with amfAR?

John Corbett: Two years ago, my phone rang with an interesting offer to ride with a group of people I had never met to raise awareness for AIDS/HIV with Kiehl’s and amfAR. Usually I’m reluctant to do something like this because I am a bit anti-social, but at that moment I realized I didn’t do enough good deeds in my life. I decided then to put myself out on the line to bring some good to AIDS research while having fun. It’s truly a win-win.

E.D: Is the multi-day motorcycle riding portion a perk or a daunting undertaking for you? Also, do you guys all ride in a pack of handsome men so drivers on I-5 will believe they're dreaming?

J.C: There’s nothing daunting to these rides – we don’t want them to stop! We are seeing some of the best country America has to offer. Last year was my first trip to see the Smoky Mountains and the  Eastern Seaboard. This year’s ride down the Oregon and California coast is something many people never get to do.

E.D: With your famous role as Aidan on SITC, do you feel like people expect you to be stylish?

100% of net proceeds from the Limited Edition Ultimate Strength Hand Salve go to benefit amfAR to further AIDS/ HIV research.

J.C: No, I was not the stylish one on Sex in the City - there was no room for Aidan to be stylish next to Carrie Bradshaw. All of the money for the wardrobe budget went into Carrie Bradshaw’s costumes; I had to wear my own clothes.

E.D: Follow up: Do you feel like you are?

J.C: I am about nine months away from wearing pants up to the middle of my stomach with Hawaiian shirts. At 52 years old, it’s all about comfort for me.

E.D: Since you are doing this in conjunction with Kiehl's, we have to know: What's your favorite beauty product?

J.C: Since my first commercial 25 years ago, I have been hooked on Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion. Every time I shave, I splash a little from that blue bottle on my face. 

E.D: What can we see you next in (other than Kiehl's on Thursday) to get our JC fix?

J.C: I have two movies in the can, the first one is called Kiss Me by one of my favorite directors Jeff Probst, from Survivor. The other film is The Lookalike by Australian director Richard Gray. In Richard’s first American production. I get to be a super bad guy who cuts up the bad guys and feed them to the crocodiles.


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