7 Summer Statement Jewelry Pieces

With the sun beating down, we sought out seven pieces of jewelry that can stand the heat.

By Eden Dawn July 17, 2014

As the Portland sun reaches its unbearable-unless-you're-near-water apex, turning most clothing into sweat catchers, the motto citywide seems to be "less is more." But hear this—the weather is not an excuse to ditch all style—it’s a reason to simplify. Take that basic black maxi to the next level by embracing the idea of one statement piece of jewelry. Simple, fuss free, oh-so stylish, and sweat-free.

Here are seven locally made pieces that can turn a simple outfit into signature style, all on their own.

1. Better Late Than Never
Horizon Earrings, $133

Local line Better Late Than Never features geometric bits hammered out in designer Sara Dudzinsky's Southeast studio. The power of the shiny Horizon earrings mean no other pieces are needed.



2. RillRill
No. 5 Necklace, $180 

Few things make more of a statement than a large piece of pristine white marble hanging hanging from a strip of leather against the chest. This beauty from Mississippi Ave shop Backtalk's house line aims to impress.






3. Chip and Chisel
Personalized Gold Bar, $44

If you're only wearing one piece of jewelry this summer, make it say what you want (in under 10 character that is). Portland company Chip and Chisel offers a wide range of simple takes on the "Carrie" necklace of yore. 






4. Amira Jewelry
Buddha Earrings, $56

Color lovers can wear these sunny light weight woven darlings every darn day. The hand made macrame pieces are small in size, but big on brightening up an outfit. 


5. Grayling
Curvette NECKLACE, $49

Some statements are really more of a whisper. For the dainty-loving set, Grayling's simple, modern Curvette necklace is a piece that can transition from being paired with a blouse at work to jazzing up the ol' river-wear ensemble. 




6. Betsy & Iya
Bahusia Hoop Earrings, $69

Designer Betsy Cross is queen of creating wearable pieces of jewelry that still demand a second glance. Her current collection, Voyage, of pieces inspired by afar manages to both be bold with bronze and offer pops of color with the hand painted accents.


7. Hazel Cox
Turkish Moon Necklace, $150 

It is utterly impossible to talk about statement pieces without mentioning the great Hazel Cox. The accessories designer belongs to the old school crew of Portland design and her influential former boutique Denwave helped put our indie scene on the map. Her giant pieces (including this particularly fantastic tasseled necklace), painstakingly made from high quality bronze and silk, tell the other fashion kids "in the know" that you get it too.




Now it's your turn? What's YOUR Portland summer statement piece? Tell us in the comments!

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