The ModernFlowerChild Resin Bangles feature natural and organic materials found around maker Sarah Smith’s Coos Bay home, like lichen, moss, and colorful flowers. $42–48


The Eva Pouchettes from Portland design company Ellington use fine Italian, hand-glazed leather that looks even better as it distresses. “Our styles are contemporary but get more beautiful with time,” says Ellington’s Francis Rice. $99



The new Barlow Trail Port Cask Finish from Hillsboro’s Big Bottom Distilling is a three-whiskey blend with a subtle ripe berry boost. If you ask nicely, maybe your mom will share. $38



An upbringing near the dreary Baltic Sea gave Ieva Dexter an appreciation for how candles boost a dark room’s mood. Her Portland company, Munio Candela, specializes in handmade, long-lasting, GMO-free soy candles with an emphasis on wildcrafted botanicals, creatively recycled packaging, and scents inspired by Latvian folklore. $10–32


Bob Denman, 72, is one of few blacksmiths left who hand-forge garden tools. In his smithy at Red Pig in Boring, Denman makes 250 tools by hand—from trowels and hoes to something called a forged dibble. The Victorian-era ball weeder has a wooden knob that serves as a fulcrum, giving you leverage to pull out taprooted weeds such as dandelions. “Gardening is just below beer as a religion here,” says Denman. $26



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