Gadgets, Rubs, Tinctures, and Other Highlights from Oregon's New Weed Economy

This month’s hottest locally made goods—the weed edition!

By Marty Patail September 21, 2015 Published in the October 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

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The sexy, dead-simple Firefly is the iPhone of portable vaporizers, obsessively designed by two former Silicon Valley engineers (one of them from Apple). Producing thick clouds of smooth vapor within 10 seconds, the Firefly releases all 85 cannabinoids found in marijuana, not just THC. $270,

1015 bud rub lygxjk

Image: Michael Novak


Portland’s Bud Rub combines cocoa butter, menthol, and cannabis oil into a fast-acting topical cream that claims to soothe chronic pain and everyday soreness without any psychoactive effects. “There’s been such little knowledge about what cannabis can do topically,” says founder Skye Rapaport. $10,

1015 classy stash nhl5gr

Image: Michael Novak


Local leather workers Walnut Studiolo branch out from their lineup of retro-inspired bike accessories with the hand-stitched Classy Stash, which houses three odor-resistant, light-filtering jars to keep your bud fresh and organized. $145,


1015 weed pgz4hr

Image: Underworld


Oregon adults can now grow up to four plants in their home. Get a crash course at Portlandsterdam University, which zips you through the basics of nurturing your plant. Plus, students of the one-hour class take home a starter plant. $75,

1015 cbd apothecary 1 lyntzz

Image: Amy Martin


A few drops of CBD Apothecary’s coconut oil–based tinctures promise relief from pain and anxiety in humans—and dogs! In the latter case, says founder Travis Turnsen, the tinctures ease pain from terminal illnesses and surgeries as effectively as other drugs but without dramatically changing your dog’s personality or behavior. $40,


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