Trophy Case: Best Local Stuff of January 2015

This month’s hottest locally made goods, from sleek winter jackets to beautiful screwdrivers (really!)

By Marty Patail December 21, 2015 Published in the January 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

0116 hand eye supply screw driver set c6jmgw

Image: Michael Novak


Good screwdrivers are like swords: the secret is in the counterbalance of blade and hilt. The ones in this small-batch screwdriver set from Hand-Eye Supply feel good in your hands. And the weight of the black oxide–coated steel heads balances nicely with the hardwood handles, giving each turn an extra sense of satisfaction. $48,

0116 tinyshed sj9eha

Image: Tinyshed


Craftsman Jordan Saia makes unadorned furniture out of reclaimed woods. His company TinyShed’s hypermodern adjustable drafting table turns scrapped “fishtail” oak and steel into a workspace that tilts up for drawing and back level for your laptop. $1,750,

0116 hillary day origami grey vaayvg

Image: Hillary Day



Apparel designer Hillary Day has outfitted Portland women for the cold and rain since 2010. One of her best-selling winter jackets, the Origami Coat, available in black and charcoal, features a sculpted A-line and a feminine silhouette. $625,


0116 miffys muffins dtzedv

Image: Miffy's Muffins 


Australian expat turned Nike media producer turned Portland mom, Miffy Jones was shocked to find how much sugar store-bought muffin mixes contain. (Welcome to America, Miffy!) Using Bob’s Red Mill whole-grain and gluten-free flours, Miffy’s Mix & Twist Muffin Mix is chewy, just-sweet-enough perfection. $7–9,



0116 its different everyday tov0ag

Image: Michael Novak


Designed by Boaz Frankel and Brooke Barker (she cowrote a Super Bowl spot for Wieden & Kennedy last year), the It’s Different Every Day 2016 Calendar features a new puzzle, joke, fact, game, or life hack every day. On May 14, you’ll learn that “if bees earned minimum wage, a jar of honey would cost $182,000.” And on October 19, you’ll discover 22 alternative e-mail signoffs. Shalom for now! $15,

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