When Portland native Whitney Goodman returned to town in August, she hit the ground running. She had spent years in New York working PR for big fashion names like Mara Hoffman before trying out the LA lifestyle at Lucky Brand jeans. But, just as it happened with Dorothy, there's no place like home.

Once back in Stumptown with the idea to open her first shop, full of designers who met her criteria (1. Are their goods ethically made? 2. Do I connect with their story?), Goodman shopped spaces until discovering the empty spot just vacated by beloved home store Canoe. Within 30 days, with the help of the design team at ELK Collective, the bright airy space on a prime West End corner reopened as WM Goods with racks of curated women's apparel, natural skincare, handmade home items, and accessories.  

Goodman says the key is finding unusual brands and ones for which she has exclusive Portland rights. “The goal of WM Goods is to curate a selection of designers that you can't find everywhere else, mixing smaller independent lines with cool, contemporary brands, all within an attainable price point," she says. "It's really a one-stop shop for rad ladies." She goes on to list her favorite lines so far: PrioryGROWINGAchroGanniUZIMara HoffmanCuero & MorM.i.h Jeans. Come spring, she plans to add Jenni KayneNo. 6, M. MartinFirst RiteHeidi Merrick, and many more.

WM Goods
1136 SW Alder Street

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