Portland jewelry powerhouse Betsy & Iya has another home run. The Northwest Portland shop–whose wares are sold all over the city–launches a new lookbook stocked of big brass beauties.

Designer Betsy Cross says the Unu Collection, is about saying “no” to no. “I always like demolishing boundaries,” declares Cross. “No one should ever say that he/she can’t wear a certain style, like a large hoop earring or a bold necklace. Nope. You can, and that’s what I wanted to show with this collection and lookbook.”

Instead of the traditional one look/one model method, the B&I team have each piece shown on two, which Cross says is to inspire contrast. “The collection is very simple, minimal, classic,” she says. “So what do we do to bolster that? Throw in a bunch of color.” The vibrant hues of both background and lip color pop the simple pieces of the Unu collection so we can focus on what matters most: a killer 17-piece collection of jewelry.



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