The age of traditional catalogs is over. The time for stylized, editorial lookbooks is now.

SE Hawthorne boutique Altar pushes the boundary of creativity with its new Occultation shoot. Co-owner Cassie Ridgway says the 14-image book is a tribute to truth and secrets.

Occultation celebrates a hidden world of meaning: that which imbues objects with secret contours and shows us the deeper truth in our surroundings," she says. Inspired by the limitless meaning we create through handmade objects, the altar pieces, which become the heirlooms of our memory.”

Shot by shop employee/photographer Katie Summer, the cinematic editorial was a family affair, with owners Ridgway and Amy Lee Fox building the sets and styling the jewelry-heavy looks with Altar houseline apparel and nearly 20 accessory designers, including Morgaine Faye, Theeth, Iron Oxide, and Solos. Every pretty piece is available now at the shop.

3279 SE Hawthorne Blvd

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