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Exquisitely Crafted Knives to Makeup for Women of Color, February’s Best Local Goods

All the things we fancy this month.

By Eden Dawn January 23, 2017 Published in the February 2017 issue of Portland Monthly

Pomo 0217 trophy case kanetsune knife atqnul


Newly opened Alberta shop Seisuke Knives specializes in, you guessed it, knives. More to the point, high-end, exquisitely crafted knives including this slick chopper by Kanetsune, based in Japan’s Seki City, known as the City of Blades. $139–289

Pomo 0217 trophy case mexican spoons k2xksi


With her Mexican heritage as inspiration, Portlander Jennifer Bolanos dedicates her shop Vía Raíz to contemporary designers reinterpreting traditional craft in jewelry, textiles, and home goods—embroidered pillows or these black-and-white enamel spoons. $10

Pomo 0217 trophy case hue noir makeup huxxq4

Image: Michael Novak


Paula Hayes used her background as a product development chemist to fill a gap in the local cosmetics market—makeup for women of color. Her Beaverton-based company, Hue Noir, specializes in handcrafted, small-batch lipsticks, glosses, and eye shadows for darker skin tones. $8–22

Pomo 0217 trophy case woolrich wrap skirt l1qdkw


For 186 years, Woolrich has done its name proud turning sheep’s wool into clothing and home goods. The brand’s collaboration with apparel company Westerlind and outdoor master Snow Peak credits its colors to the North Fjords of Iceland and the Scandinavian minimalist style of the hardy folks who live there. Woolrich x Westerlind + Snow Peak Wrap Skirt, $280 at Snow Peak

Pomo 0217 trophy case pax 3 vape pen nwhpxw


Soon, one of Portland’s lauded tech start-ups will create a killer vape for us. Until then, the superb, San Francisco-designed PAX 3 is the undisputed king of handheld, portable vapes for loose-leaf “materials.” The new sleek model adds kinetic buzzing feedback, an adaptor for concentrates, and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can control the vapor production from your phone. Because, sure, why not? $275

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