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Get a Replica Star Wars Jacket to Look Like Luke, Leia, or Han

You, too, can rock the fashions of the remote ice planet Hoth. Watch out for Imperial probe droids!

By Eden Dawn December 6, 2017

Columbia x star wars echo base hero ifsiou

In May of 1980—while Mount St. Helens was blasting her top and Jimmy Carter was still president—The Empire Strikes Back opened in theaters, earning more than $200 million in its initial run. It had it all: Leia’s new hair, a giant hairy tauntaun repurposed as a sleeping bag, a sexy Han and Leia kiss. Oh, yes, and Luke was in it, too.   

This Friday, December 8, Columbia Sportswear releases its collection of jackets inspired by the secret rebel base on ice planet Hoth; each of the three pieces uses all the outdoor brand's signature textiles to keep wearers warm, sans tauntaun. Columbia designers worked closely with Lucasfilm, combing through materials with the studio's archives team to capture the tiniest details of the original costumes.

Columbia x star wars echo base han solo archive hf signature mpnb7s

In homage to the year, the brand is only releasing 1,980 of the $400 jackets at select locations. And yup, Portland is getting them. In addition to the collection, there's also a smaller inventory with full Han seal of approval: Columbia replicated the Han Solo dark brown jacket worn on planet Hoth. Harrison Ford himself hand-signed each of these brown Han Solo Archive Edition parkas ($1,980), with 100 percent of the proceeds from their sale going to Conservation International, a global organization dedicated to the protection of nature.

The Echo Base collection will be available in limited quantities online at 12:01 a.m. EST and at the Portland's Columbia store beginning on December 8. Since supplies are likely to sell out in the blink of an eye, you can also enter a sweepstakes at all brand stores for the chance to win two Archive Edition jackets signed by Harrison Ford. Entries will be collected at Columbia stores from December 8–17, with winners announced December 19.

May the force be with you.

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