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A New Runway Show Celebrates Portland's Diverse Design Community

Debuting this weekend, Bloom Runway unites style, live music, and an inclusive attitude.

By Eden Dawn March 7, 2018

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Bloom Runway producer Abibat Durosimi.

For a city of our size, we have a healthy number of fashion shows, ranging from last month’s lingerie spectacular to the traditional tented shows, and even ones out in street alleys. But in an industry that famously says “more is more"—and given Portland's thriving design scene—another is always welcome.

Enter local hair and makeup artist Abibat Durosimi, once famously part of Prince’s touring crew, whose long list of impressive clients includes Nike, AM Northwest, and BET. Durosimi has been expanding her roster from working on beautiful people to making beauty-related events happen. Last year brought Bloom Beauty Summit, a two-day event showcasing stylists, life coaches, and other wellness professionals of color. Now, with Bloom Runway, she's working with other producers of color to create a fashion show that celebrates diversity. The event hits town Saturday, March 10, so we chatted with Durosimi about what guests can expect. 

Selfmade1 pmtb29

Suits from Self Made.

Why did you feel there was a need to create a new fashion show in town?

I wanted to bring awareness to multicultural creative entrepreneurs in the community and celebrate local diverse designers and boutiques that normally get overlooked. There is a lot of diverse talent here in the Northwest that is hidden, and I am here to give them that platform. Bloom Runway is a plethora of diverse creative entities coming together to celebrate one another's work.

What sets the Bloom show apart from other events?

Bloom Runway is an extension of Bloom Beauty Collective, where we bring together diverse creative entrepreneurs to help guide our peers and youths through mentorship and workshops. This gives them the drive to want to become true entrepreneurs, and is how we as a collective give back. We are showcasing gifted designers, urban boutiques, hair stylists/barbers, and makeup artists that are not recognized in the mainstream fashion and beauty in the Northwest. Creatives plus community plus support equals Bloom Beauty Collective.

How did you decide on your designer roster?

This is our first fashion show, so this is just a prelude to what's to come next year. I wanted it to be small and simple. We have two designers, two online boutiques, and one brick-and-mortar boutique. Each of them will be showing 6–12 looks, with models rocking the runway from ages 13–60 and various sizes. There will be  handmade bespoke suits from T.H.O.R. and Self-Made Menswear. 4Twenty4 are affordable ready to wear, [there's] retail favorite Prairie Underground from shop Adorn, and Wavy Boy is fun streetwear with a little edge to their graphics.

Bloom Runway Show

7 p.m. Sat, Mar 10, World Trade Center, $50–100

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