You know that friend who always looks effortlessly stylish even though you’re pretty sure they’re on the same pay grade as you? They probably shop at Button.

This scrappy, community-driven consignment stalwart that first opened its doors on North Interstate in 2012 has since doubled its size, expanding to include the next-door space in 2018. It stocks everything from the Sandgrens clogs you couldn’t quite justify brand-new to those on-trend, high-waisted Madewell jeans, that popping Ilana Kohn tank or sweeping Electric Feathers silk dress, your must-have, butterscotch-yellow Nike Airs, or all manner of vintage finds and local jewelry. And all at consignment prices.

In fact, if you’re so inclined, you can consign yourself and build up store credit (or cash out, if you’d prefer). What do they look for?

“It’s really customer driven at this point,” says owner Liz Brooks. “I love slow fashion and that movement of a capsule wardrobe and buying just what you need, a few nice pieces versus a bunch of pieces that you’re not really excited about.” Bonus? The store also organizes quarterly fundraisers, raising more than $17,000 to date for local nonprofits, including the Q Center, the Community Warehouse, Unidos, and Family Forward Oregon. For advance notice of fundraising days, or to get a chance to jump on hot new arrivals, follow Button’s bright and busy Instagram.

6517 N Interstate Ave,

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