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Poler Emerges from the Grave... with New Owners and a Party

After shutting in January the #CampVibes brand throws a party to celebrate re-opening and a new team in place.

By Eden Dawn December 18, 2019

Poler CEO Cape Capener and co-founder Kharma Vella.

In January we wrote about the sudden and surprising closure of Poler (read it here) when they papered over their windows and filed for bankruptcy. But less than a year later, before their signature orange beanies have even had a chance to fade, the brand is quietly taking the papers down from their still untouched location on SW 10th Avenue and reopening. And tonight, they party.

Kharma Vella, a co-founder of the original brand, is rejoining the team as Product Brand Director. “We’re excited to partner with Kharma in driving this amazing brand forward—he is a creative force in the Outdoor industry and the mind behind some of Poler’s most iconic products including the Napsack,” commented Cape Capener, Poler’s new CEO in a press release. “His creative energy and innovative product designs will lead Poler back to a leadership position within outdoor lifestyle category.”



There is one notable difference in Poler's future. Benji Wagner, perhaps the most recognizable name and personality attached to the brand, is not part of Poler 2.0 and released a statement via his LinkedIn page this week:

I want to let everyone know that I have nothing to do with Poler. It is owned by a company in the Philippines and they are relaunching the brand without my involvement.

I worked on the brand as a Founder and the Creative Director for 8 years and tens of thousands of hours. The response to the brand was more positive than I ever would have imagined. I am grateful to have had the opportunity and hope my work and the brand inspired people to connect to the natural world in a meaningful way.

I’d like to thank all the wonderful artists, photographers, designers, brands, other entrepreneurs, employees, and customers that supported Poler Stuff. It was truly humbling that so many people supported the brand in so many ways. Thank you all.

Poler’s flagship store is open now daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Poler Re-Launch Party

6—9 p.m. Wed, Dec 18, Poler Flagship Store, Free

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