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The Bag Ban Is Here. Go Green with These No-Plastic Alternatives

Think beyond plastic.

By Alice Callahan December 31, 2019 Published in the January 2020 issue of Portland Monthly

Roots Wraps

Hit up Etsy to find these made-in-Hood River alternatives to plastic wrap. Beeswax makes them sticky, and the rad prints make them cute. $5–30

Looptworks Commuter Grocery Tote

Made in Portland from upcycled kite-surfing sails, the enviro bona fides of this bag are Thunberg-esque. $44

Simple Ecology Mesh Produce Bags

Northern California–based Simple Ecology has perfected a mesh bag for toting fruits and veggies. It’s made from organic cotton muslin and even ships in a reusable paper envelope, with a compostable receipt made from repurposed sugar cane pulp. $17.45 for a set of six

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