Father's Day

Local Gifts For Outdoorsy Dads

Portland-based gifts for dads that put an impressive amount of miles on their Subaru and consistently choose tents over hotels.

By Matthew Trueherz May 23, 2022

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Getting out of the city and onto a hiking trail, into a swimming hole, or literally on top of a mountain is simply too accessible for even the most metropolitan of us to eschew. But more than a few Portlanders go well beyond fair-weather outdoorsy. Maybe Dad runs the trails of Forest Park on the way into the office? Spends weekends rafting the Deschutes? Perhaps the glory day-tales of time on the Pacific Crest Trail never end? If your Dad spends an unreasonable amount of time outfitted in Gore-tex and says things like “the air’s just different up there,” we’ve got your Father’s Day gifts covered.

Danner Mountain Light Boots Local


Image: Danner

If ever there was a city that required a classy hiking boot, it’s Portland. The Mountain Light from Danner can withstand anything the trail will throw at it, and, we’re willing to bet they’ll fly at the office too. These boots are an emblem of the iconic Portland brand and a chameleon for any outdoor-adjacent activity. If USA-made leather goods and the prospect of a shoe that lasts long enough to resole sound like things the father-figure in your life would be into, splurge away on these boots with a nearly 100-year legacy. 

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Gerber Fastball Local


Image: Gerber

There are crunchy and smooth peanut butter people, dog and cat people, and pocket-knife and non-pocket-knife people. If Dad falls into the former category (you’ll know), Gerber’s Fastball is the local blade to add to the collection. Gerber has been making knives in Portland since 1939 and the Fastball is the most versatile utilitarian knife they make, equally good for clipping tangled fishing lines and freeing traumatizing splinters.

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Poler Inflatable Lantern Local


Image: Poler

Poler is a brand built around a defining concept: “Camp vibes.” The credo runs through everything they make, much of it aimed at those for whom camping isn’t simply a hobby, but a lifestyle. Nothing brings down the vibe like being caught in the woods without a light. This solar-powered, inflatable lantern conveniently collapses like a water wing; it weighs next to nothing, takes up virtually no space in your pack, and charges via the sun’s rays on the hike in.

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National Park Foundation Hydroflask Local


Image: Hydroflask

Supporting national parks goes hand in hand with hanging out in them. Hydro Flask (which has donated over $2.5 million to national parks over the past five years) has quickly become the name in insulated water bottles, but the empire of keeping cold things cold and hot things hot started right here in Oregon. We’re willing to bet you’ve already been startled by an alarmingly hot sip of coffee from a Hydro Flask—four hours after you poured it—but you really can’t have enough of them around. And what’s better than flying the flag of your favorite national park while going about your on-the-trail morning routine?

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Rumpl’s Original Puffy Blanket Local


Image: Rumpl

A Rumpl isn’t quite a sleeping bag, and it isn’t quite a blanket—but it can certainly be both. It’s as capable of keeping you warm in a tent on the side of a mountain as it is on the couch. Chances are, outdoorsy doesn’t quite capture all of who Dad is; Rumpl is in tune with your multi-hyphenate pops and has a graphic for just about everyone. Their blankets come emblazoned with sports team logos, maps of nostalgic camping destinations, or nothing at all: If Dad’s a bit more low-profile, opt for a straightforward earth tone pick.

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Keen Yogui Sandals Local


Image: Keen

A healthy footwear rotation is essential when spending all day outdoors. Keen’s Yogui sandal is perfect for hanging out around the tent, the drive to and from the hiking trail, or a day on the river. They have the support of a clog (they’re great for the garden, too) and the comfort and breathability of a sandal. The Portland footwear company has wholeheartedly embraced the word hybrid from day one; if you like spending more time outside than in, you need a “house shoe” that stretches the definition a bit. 

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Tanner Goods Canyon Cross-Body Pack Local


Image: Tanner Goods

With so many trails just a quick drive out of town, a day pack is a must for any Portland hiker. This cross-body bag from Tanner Goods holds everything you need for a few hours in the woods and quietly flaunts its local craftsmanship. Durable waxed canvas and leather accents help it stand up to the outdoors while keeping it sleek enough to tote around the city, too.

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Wildwood Forest Park Candle Local


Even the most devout outdoors person has to spend some time inside. When the trail is calling your name but the world has different plans, Wildwood’s nature-scented candles bring the woods inside. They’re crafted to mime comforting woodsy scents that—historically—only the real thing could produce. Their wood wicks burn more evenly than traditional cotton and produce a stronger “scent throw”—which means what it sounds like it means. All Wildwood candles are inspired by trails within Forest Park, but only this one encompasses all 5,000 acres of Portland's backyard—why not start with the muse?

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North St Bags Tabor Tote Local


Image: North St Bags

Sometimes a sturdy bag to throw all of the day’s odds and ends into is just what you need—ok, maybe that’s always what you (everyone) needs . . . all of the time. We don’t know if bringing your “Tabor Tote” to a picnic on Mount Tabor is as on the nose as wearing the T-shirt to the concert but North St.’s heavy-duty nylon construction means the bag won’t be phased by a few bumps trekking up the park’s 1000 stairs to catch a glimpse of Mount Hood through the trees.

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