Word of Mouth

One of the Country’s Few Wagashi Experts Lives in Portland

Gena Renaud crafts intricate, time-consuming Japanese confections.

01/21/2020 By Karen Brooks

Arts & Crafts

Just Look at These Awesome, Metalhead Teapots

The Oregon College of Art and Craft will stop handing out degrees in May, but its amazing craft works live on.

02/22/2019 By Wriik Maui

Tea Party

After a Smashing First Year, Tea Fest PDX Returns July 21

With ceremonies, a slew of vendors, and classes on proper tea preparation, 2018 will be a full-on bonanza.

05/02/2018 By Sarah Hutchins

Best Restaurants 2017: Commune with Mother Russia

In Fantasy Version of Old Russia, Fancy Tea Serves You

Headwaters at the Heathman Hotel recreates imperial glamour every weekend.

10/12/2017 By Benjamin Tepler

Eat Here Now

Where to Eat This Week: May 23–30

From London Fog nitro on tap at Steven Smith to flatbread spreads at Shalom Y'all, these are the things you must eat and drink this week.

05/23/2017 By Eat Beat Team


Vitaly Paley Gives the Heathman Tearoom a Russian Makeover

Towering silver samovars. House-cured salmon sandwiches. A cavalcade of sweets. High tea is cobwebby no more.

01/23/2017 By Kelly Clarke


Portland’s Ultimate Locavore Larder

It’s a golden age for delicious, locally made (or internationally procured) foodstuffs. Stock up.

08/15/2016 By Benjamin Tepler


Hot Cups for Cold Days

From chai to hot buttered rum, we’ve got the liquid cure for whatever ails you.

01/25/2016 By Kelly Clarke, Fiona McCann, and Benjamin Tepler


Inside Steven Smith Teamaker’s New Tasting Room

A first look at the high-end tea maker’s upcoming Southeast warehouse and sipping space.

11/26/2015 By Emma Mannheimer


This Small-Batch Portland Tea Company Wants You to Slow Down

Shake up your sip every few weeks with a subscription to Plum Deluxe tea company's small-batch, hand-blended tea of the month club.

06/24/2015 By Allison Jones

Food News

T Project to Open a Tea Boutique

The small, influential tea company breaks ground in Northwest Portland with small-batch tea, local crafts, and an art gallery.

06/10/2015 By Rachel Davidson


Talking Tea Therapy with Portland's Own Tea Monk

Paul “Po” Rosenberg demystifies Chinese-style tea service for curious sippers in need of a chi intervention.

05/14/2015 By Mary Stutzman


Tea Bar Brings Hot Blends to NE Killingsworth

With Lavender London Fog lattes, European and Asian-influenced design, and "Magic" kombucha, Erica Indira Swanson's chic new teahouse is a must-try for tea lovers.

01/20/2015 By Allison Jones


Can Green Tea Keep You Warm from the Inside Out?

Local functional nutrition expert Andrea Nakayama gives us the scoop on green tea's lesser known health benefits—and a recipe for her chai matcha latte.

01/13/2015 By Allison Jones


Portland's Hottest Cold-Weather Drinks

This is what we'll be drinking all season long—won't you throw on a scarf and join us?

11/07/2014 By Sarah Ostaszewski


The Story Behind Steven Smith's Obsession with Tea

After transforming American tea with Tazo and Stash, Steven Smith chases the world’s greatest leaves.

11/03/2014 By Benjamin Tepler


The Ultimate Guide to Portland's Teahouses

The rain is back—time to embrace your cozy side! We've rounded up the best tea-centric spots to curl up, relax, and enjoy a cup on a cold day.

10/23/2014 By Sarah Ostaszewski


Behind the Scenes of the Kombucha Revolution

Want to develop a healthy kombucha habit without shelling out a few bucks a day at the store? Start making it yourself!

06/05/2014 By Eat Beat Team


Q&A: T Project Tea’s Teri Gelber

Portland’s newest tea missionary talks Stumptown’s tea history, 60’s music, and local collaborations.

11/06/2013 By Benjamin Tepler


Tea Time in Seattle

Next month, the 6th Annual Northwest Tea Festival steeps the Emerald City in all things tea.

09/10/2013 By Caitlin Feldman