Portland’s Ultimate Locavore Larder

It’s a golden age for delicious, locally made (or internationally procured) foodstuffs. Stock up.

By Benjamin Tepler August 15, 2016 Published in the September 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

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Townshend's Pacific Northwest Fernet

This is not your grandfather’s fernet. Regardless, it’s a bitter, herbaceous quaff, good in cocktails and made with local Douglas fir, Willamette hops, and birch bark. $34.95

Hot Mama Salsa Smoky Coffee Chilie Oil

Farmers market salsa queen Nikki Guerrero has created the holy trinity of seasonings: four varieties of chile, black garlic, and Oaxacan coffee steeped in peanut oil (plus crunchy sea salt and sesame seeds). It's transformative on anything from pizza to grilled meats. $8.59 at Cherry Sprout Produce

Olympia Provisions & Pok Pok Sai ua Thai Sausages

A collaboration between the biggest names in Portland food, these porkers come expertly ground and stuffed with fish sauce, whole kaffir lime leaf, Puya chiles, lemongrass, and Burmese curry powder. $10

Portland Soda Works Batch 100 Hot Ginger-Basil

An upstart beverage company, led by nationally lauded graphic novelist and former food critic Chris Onstad, finds its stride with this ginger-basil concentrate, with fresh habanero and serrano chiles. Excellent with tequila. $14

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T Project’s Because the Night

Doing justice to Patti Smith’s breakout hit, this boutique blend of toasty Hojicha green tea offers a dark, moody palate of spices, buckwheat, and cacao bean. $24

Savage Chips

This Portland-based company raises the bar for artisan chips with its addictive, paper-thin crunch (à la Pringles), judicious salting, and intense flavors, from Sausage & Peppers to White Cheddar & Dill. $6

Groundworks Organics Spices

Junction City’s beloved growers are experimenting with spices distilled from their own prime crop, from green garlic powders to Aleppo chile salt. $6–7 at PSU Saturday Farmers Market

Gala Springs Pear Butter

Columbia River Gorge–grown pears and baking spices combine to make this sweet, autumnal, deep mahogany spread. $6 at PSU Saturday Farmers Market

Sirk Della Subida Vinegar

While most vinegar is distilled from the dregs of old wine, this Italian vintner presses whole grapes and ages them for five years, lending a complex, rounded profile to the acidic seasoning. $21.49 at Providore Fine Foods

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MilkBoy Pine Tree Chocolate

The minty, pine-tree essential oil that subtly permeates this sustainable, 60-percent-cacao Swiss chocolate will, ideally, transport you to the lush Alpine pastureland that the chocolatier calls home. $6

Ramón Peña Añada Tuna

Elite Spanish importers Conserva have obtained limited-edition, top-shelf canned tuna, aged for up to nine years in olive oil. The meltingly tender meat is on par with Tokyo’s finest toro. $45 for 2 lbs

Marshall’s Tonkatsu Sauce

The hot sauce obsessives teamed up with a local Japanophile, Nodoguro’s Ryan Roadhouse, to create a sweet, spicy condiment for the namesake dish, or anything else you might anoint with Worcestershire and A1. $10

Fiore di Puglia Taralli

These addictive, diminutive, pretzel-like Italian bread stick curls have a delicate crumb and olive oil grassiness, and come spiced with black or chile pepper. $2.99 at Providore Fine Foods

Fifty Licks Pirate Ice Cream

The best new flavor from the local alt-creamery is the boozy Pirate, churned with coconut milk, Smith & Cross rum, Barbados molasses, “West Indies” spices, and chunks of frozen roasted banana. (PS, it’s vegan). $8 per pint

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