Secret Mount Hood Hideouts

Just in time for the snow, we uncover four under-the-radar escapes on our signature mountain.

By Kasey Cordell, Brian Barker, and Kelly O'Connor December 4, 2012 Published in the December 2012 issue of Portland Monthly

Up the ski hill from Timberline’s Main Lodge, the Silcox Hut offers a communal skier sanctuary at 7,000 feet. The three-level lodge boasts room for up to 24 overnight guests (spread out among six rooms), with a massive stone fireplace, hand carved tables and chairs in the living space on the second floor. Meals, served family style, are included in the price of your room—as is your ride to the hut, either via snow cat or ski lift.

With up to a fresh new foot of snow predicted to fall on Mount Hood this week, we're having a hard time keeping our excitement from spilling over into the work week. (Uh, no, boss, that's not ski wax on my desk. It's, ummm, a new kind of glue.) In fact, we're already plotting our winter weekend plans—chief among them overnights at these under-the-radar-but-oh-so-awesome cabins. Whether you're hankering for a ski-in cozy abode for two (with some serious views) or a palatial retreat for your whole powder crew, we've got you covered.

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